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Paris Cutler

Founder Blue Sky 77


Paris Cutler is a Blue Ocean Strategist, brand architect, committed optimist, and seasoned business owner. She helps founders, thought leaders, global companies, and high-profile individuals create influential and impactful brands that align with their true purpose.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most? What is your answer?

How do I a) Increase sales, b) Get visibility c) Become a market leader? d) Pivot

Identify your best buyer and match them with an authentic brand and message that speaks to them directly; by doing this, you will create a community of raving fans that will propel your brand forward in the marketplace.

When you work with Paris you will leave with 3 key takeaways:

  1. Identifying your best buyer is the key to scaling your business and becoming a #1 brand.
  2. Fame and business success are two different skill sets.
  3. The brand story is the most ignored and essential part of any brand.

Key achievements

  • Five times published author, speaker, and media personality, Paris purchased a tiny cake shop in 2003 and transformed it into a #1 national brand and multi-seven-figure business; Paris became known as 'cake maker to the stars' with clients including Rihanna, Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion. She launched the largest cake decorating school in the southern hemisphere and starred in 'Planet Cake' - one of the first baking reality TV shows distributed in over 20 countries by BBC Worldwide. She has won an Astra Award and was a finalist for Ernst & Young's 'Entrepreneur of the Year' Award.

Expertise in:

  • Scale a business
  • Strategic plan
  • Confidence
  • Establish governance structures
  • Raising capital
  • Exit a business
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership and team management
  • Start a business
  • Wealth
  • Mindset
  • Customer Experience
  • Business Case
  • Lead generation
  • Define target market and personas
  • Partnerships & sponsorship
  • Launch new product/service
  • Business Idea Validation
  • Market research
  • Strategy: pricing
  • Personal branding
  • Become an industry expert

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Expert Testimonials

Paris is a rocket launcher! Meeting with her was one of the best things I have done for my business in a long time. Her advice gave me clarity about my current business position, my brand, myself, and my future business direction. (I have a very small business providing music classes for babies and toddlers). There was no beating around the bush with Paris. Now, after 2 weeks I can already see changes in my business using her suggestions (social media, values, long term business strategy)

Alexandra Alya Meyer

Music Bee Studio

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