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Sarah Nelson is Mums & Co’s chief of staff and also the founder of Sarah Nelson Advisory, a consultancy dedicated to entrepreneurship and proactive legacy.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most? What is your answer?

What does legacy mean? Your legacy is the way you live your story and not something to be left until you die! Every decision in business and in life is an opportunity to lead with your legacy.

When you work with Sarah you will walk away with 3 key takeaways:

  1. Learn how to lead with your legacy.
  2. Craft your own unique legacy statement
  3. Work on the gaps and align everything in business and life by leading with your legacy, prioritizing your time, enabling growth and protecting your reputation.

Key achievements

  • Chair, Centennial Parklands Community Consultation Committee
  • Graduate Certificate Policy Making Process
  • BA Media and Communications
  • 2017 Women's Agenda Emerging Leaders Finalist
  • 2015 BT Women in Media Winner
  • Mother of two daughters and "Chief Legacy Officer" helping leaders and founders proactively craft their legacy.

Expertise in:

  • Establish governance structures
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership and team management

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Expert Testimonials

"I got so much out of my session with Sarah, Highly recommend!"

Orly Muscat

Coastal Babysitters

I can't recommend Sarah enough! She has a wealth of knowledge and understands business but most importantly she has great intuition for what is right for you. She listens deeply and can get pass the clutter to help you see what the next steps are while staying true to your/ your business values.



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