Thea Chadban-Smith
Joyful Finance

Tell us about you?

Wife, mama, Jesus lover and business builder. I’m a mama who has had post-natal depression twice (after my two babies) and has come out of the other side with more joy, resilience and self-confidence. Oh, and as a side note, I really enjoy being an accountant (which confuses some people).

Tell us about your small business?

Joyful Finance provides accounting, bookkeeping and financial coaching services. My vision for the business is to illuminate joy when it comes to your finances. It might seem like a far-fetched vision as most people don’t equate joy with numbers. But hopefully, by getting people comfortable with it and understanding the numbers, while receiving our service with a smile, more and more people will enjoy this aspect of their lives.

How could you or your business help others?

Clarify where you stand with your numbers by catching your books up and explaining what your numbers mean in language that you understand

Simplify your systems and processes around your finances, or by simply letting us take care of that stuff for you

Multiply the impact of your resources by giving you financial information that helps you make wise, information-backed business decisions

What has been one of your best business decisions to date?

To be upfront about the fact that I’m a mother. I attract clients that respect my honesty and boundaries. Plus, there’s no awkward conversation when they hear yelling in the background of a call or when I need to cancel because the kids are sick or one of them decided not to sleep the night before.

What are your three favourite business tools and why?

Trello: For managing business and personal projects, documenting processes and workflow, and I’ve also used it in a way where it helps me budget, forecast and manage my cash flow.

LastPass: As a password manager. I’ve saved so much time by having username and passwords auto-populate for me and an extra layer of security because all my passwords are randomised.

Google Calendar: Helps me plan and prioritise my time ensuring that I don’t double book or book too many activities in a row that would lead me to burn out.

Could you share a time when you succeeded and what you learned?

It’s always a success to me when I’ve completed an excellent job for my clients, and what I’ve learned from doing excellent work is that great clients notice and reward you with ongoing business, as well as singing your praises to others.

Could you share a time when you failed and what you learned?

Hiring a bad designer and web developer and spending loads of cash on them (insert crying emoji here). It was a shock because I automatically thought they’d be good because of their online presence and following. What I’ve learned from that experience is to vet suppliers more closely and spend more time with them in the beginning to ensure they align with my vision. That, and not being pressured by scarcity offers. It also helps to turn to your business friends for help to see if they can recommend someone they’ve used themselves who has done a wonderful job, so I will be forever grateful for Happy Splat Designs!

What would you like to see more of when it comes to helping women in small businesses succeed?

I want to see more women in business enjoy and be comfortable dealing with their finances. I want to see them empowered with the skills and knowledge that allows them to understand their numbers. Because the quicker they’re able to see what their numbers are telling them about their business, the quicker they’ll be able to pivot in a direction that allows their business to thrive.

What’s your approach to dealing with the pressures of running your business?

I lean on my husband and faith community for support. I ask for help and pray for wisdom when there’s a big decision to be made. And it might sound counter-productive, but stopping and getting away from the pressure to truly refresh and replenish my energy. Only when I’ve rebooted, do I step back in the business ring.

Any productivity hacks you swear by?

Take the time to properly rest. Most of us are giving and giving, and that giving makes our tanks go past empty, and into the negative. Don’t just rest so your tank goes from negative to zero, do activities (which are unique to everyone) that fill your tank past zero into the positive. My restorative activities are a long, hot shower, naps, journalling, and having time alone at home without the kids or hubby. Having proper rest allows me to be a better mother, wife and overall human.

Has there been a significant mentor in your life?

I believe people can be mentors, even from afar. Christine Caine has been a significant mentor in my life. She’s an example of a mother who honours her family first while doing 'business' really well and making significant impact in the world (like leading a movement that frees slaves of human trafficking), by being authentically and unashamedly herself.

People you admire / quotes or mantras that you live by?

I’m blessed to be a blessing. I was made on purpose for a purpose. The best is yet to come.

What’s the last read book / visited bookmark / podcast that you’d recommend to a friend?

I’d highly recommend you visit Propel Women here and read Grace over Grind by Shae Bynes – this book changed my life and the way I relate to being a Christian in business.

Finish this sentence: “Business mums …

"... are super amazing humans who are needed to influence and impact our world."

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Thea Chadban-Smith
Wife, mama, Jesus lover and business builder. I’m a mama who has had post-natal depression twice (after my two babies) and has come out of the other side with more joy, resilience and self-confidence. Oh, and as a side note, I really enjoy being an accountant (which confuses some people).
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