Tackle each wave as it comes

Nadine Nethery

4 minutes

Tackle each wave as it comes - with Nadine Nethery of Can Do Content

As a copywriter for female entrepreneurs, she promises that no matter where you are on your business journey, making changes is all about your attitude. Hence, the name of her business Can Do Content. It's a compelling sell, right? So when resources are tight, you need to make sound decisions about where you'll invest your money in your business to protect your livelihood. Meeting your financial plan and family obligations.


Livelihood is a key pillar of our ambitious quest, and we can speak from direct experience in working with the impact of words on ambition, livelihood and well-being. Nadine Nethery has been a member of Mums and Co for many years, even creating some of our brilliant copy on our website and communications. We love her energy share a belief that the right emotional and financial support can boost your impact success in all aspects of business-owning mother.  

Describe the shape of a good life for you.

I think balance is somewhat of a myth because at different times in our lives, each of our important components of a family business, friends, ourselves, our own wellbeing must take priority. And it's really down to finding a fair split. Doesn’t that mean that each of them get attention at different times.

Can you please share your pitch with us?

I'm Nadine Nethery, the founder of Can Do Content and a strategic copywriter for women-led brands who want to strategically attract, delight and retain their dream customers. Over the past five years, I've given global e-commerce success stories, game-changing startups and industry-disrupting service-based businesses, the words to build genuine connections, each of them at different points of their business journey. I'm also a mum of three cheeky munchkins who keep me on my toes when I'm not wearing my Can Do Content hat.

How do you protect yourself from business risk?

Ultimately, how I protect myself is to work with the right clients to make sure we're resonating before we even start work working together. I believe that the women who come to me regard me as an expert in my field, and that's why they're coming to me. So they come with a level of trust to begin with that I make the right decisions for their business. 
Another big one is defining boundaries and expectations so that I'm very particular on how I work with clients and as a mum, particularly I have said now is that I work and then I am shutting down the computer for the day to be there for my kids. So defining those boundaries and setting expectations before the project kicks off is super important not only to prevent misunderstandings from happening down the track, but also to reassure people that I have my processes in place and they are there for a reason.

What is the most important tip in that path to growing a business?

Since I've paid attention to my cycle, it impacts the way I show up and the tasks I tackle, it's made a huge difference. It's not always possible to schedule everything around your period, but I aim to make appointments in certain weeks. Like podcast recordings or photoshoots, things like that where you need to feel confident and show up with confidence. I wouldn't schedule that in the week that you know my period. So it's just being mindful of how your body supports the way you show up.

Want to know more about how Nadine Nethery has started to figure out how being a female business owner comes with its own set of powers?

Is it possible to find harmony between work, family, friends and life? How is possible to block out the noise of social media? Why is it important to celebrate every win in your business? 

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