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Episode 25: The secret to building your community, with Carina O'Brien of Working Mumma

Carina O’Brien’s first baby was just six months old when she went searching for inspiration. While anticipating her imminent return to work, it had her feeling the need for a supportive community of like-minded women who'd walked the path of corporate life and motherhood and were willing to share the tricks of the trade. 

It was a worthwhile search because it led to the creation of her own community, aptly titled Working Mumma. Now, five years later, Carina, also a mum of two, has created a successful brand, business and podcast, helping women looking for the support she also needed


Working Mumma


Produced & Edited by - Morgan Brown
Interviewers - Carrie Kwan and Lucy Kippist
Guest - Carina O'Brien

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Episode 25 Transcript