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It’s our shout.

We want you to try all the on-demand perks that a Mums & Co lifetime membership brings with it.

So we’re shouting you 30 Tokens (our Mums & Co currency) to get you started.

What does that get you?

  • 30 minutes 1:1 with one of our vetted Mums & Co industry experts OR
  • 6 digital member meetups where you can build your personal cheer squad OR
  • 2 downloads of past webinars, workshops or business templates, a spot in Carrie Kwan’s monthly ‘Practice your Pitch’ meetup and 2 tickets to member meetups to grow your network

At Mums & Co you call the shots.

That’s why you decide how you use the perks and resources we offer so they deliver the biggest impact for you and your business.

Mums & Co is perfect for you if you...

  • Cringe at all your annual memberships that hurt your hip pocket while collecting dust
  • Want bite-sized perks that you can book when and how you need them
  • Are desperate to connect with fellow business-owning mums who get the juggle
  • Are looking for a safe space to support you no matter what challenges you’re facing right now

Mums & Co is perfect for anyone who wants to follow all their dreams with their Little Co and &Co firmly by their side.

"This is exactly what I need to help me run my business! Professional support and a great community of biz Mums." - Kimmy Smith, The Fit Mummy Project App

Here’s my personal invite to take Mums & Co for a spin.

You wouldn’t buy your new family car without a test-drive, right?

The same goes for joining a business movement.

I invite you to join our movement for 14 days to see whether the concept of on-demand advice and networking is for you.

Set up your lifetime directory listing, mingle at the odd member meetup or book a 1:1 session with one of our industry experts.

With 30 Tokens waiting, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Will I see you inside?


What makes Mums & Co different?

You’ve likely joined other business communities that scored you a financial burden and countless perks totally irrelevant to your life and #mumbitions?

Here at Mums & Co we challenge the traditional take on business communities.

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consctetur adipiscing elit."
_____ Sarah Smith

Other communities:

  • Ask you to pay an annual fee to keep your perks.
  • Wipe your directory listing as soon as you don’t renew for another year.
  • Attract a broad range of business owners who are oblivious to the realities of parenting and running a business.
  • Have a lock-in contract that guilts you into using perks because you’re paying for them, even when they’re of no interest to you.
  • Have the unspoken rule ‘no kids allowed’.
  • Deliver plenty of business resources but not much when it comes to this thing called life.

Mums & Co:

  • Welcome you to a lifetime of perks with a one-off movement contribution of $30 (after a FREE 14-day trial). That’s the equivalent of your daily coffee for a week in exchange for lifetime membership!
  • Display your lifetime directory listing until you no longer need it.
  • Connect you with likeminded women business owners who get your struggles, frustrations and challenges.
  • Put you in charge of your perks with relevant, on-demand resources, events and expert sessions that you only invest in if you need them.
  • Welcome your Little Co as your cutest business sidekick. It’s the movement where kids are never a distraction, but always an added bonus.
  • Is the place to harmonise your #mumbition, livelihood and wellbeing. Juggling a business and parenthood can be challenging, but it’s much easier together.

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