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Shares career and parenting stories. Each episode features a special guest providing inspirational personal stories and practical tips for how to start and stay in business, maintain your wellbeing, unapologetically blend motherhood and ambition.


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Ep 92: Decoding IP: Unravelling Intellectual Property with Lauren Stokoe

Lauren Stokoe

Director IP Australia

In this episode of Mumbition the podcast, we chat with Lauren Stokoe, Director of IP Australia, as she discusses the importance of intellectual property (IP) for small businesses and the role of AI in operations.

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Ep 91: Empower yourself through superannuation and financial well-being with Trenna Probert

Trenna Probert

Founder Super Fierce

In today's episode of Mumbition, we chat with Trenna, the founder of Super Fierce. Trenna shares her personal journey of overcoming financial hardship and her mission to close the global gender wealth gap.

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Episode 90: Turning childhood dreams into successful reality with Emily Riggs

Emily Riggs

Founder of Iris & Wool

Emily Riggs is the founder of the Australian fashion brand Iris & Wool, a company that has turned her childhood dream into a successful reality.

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Episode 89: Odette Barry's Mission to Make Visibility Accessible

Odette Barry

Founder of Odette & Co and Co Founder of Launchpad

Join us as we chat with Odette Barry, PR mentor and founder, as she delves into the world of DIY PR for small business owners.

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Episode 88: From TV Reporter to PR with Katie Gallagher

Katie Gallagher 

Founder - Katie Gallagher PR & Media

Katie Gallagher shares her journey from a TV reporter to a booked out PR specialist, all while navigating the challenges of maternity leave and motherhood.

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Episode 87: Entrepreneurial Excellence: Juggling Risk and Family in Regional Settings

Jane Robertson

Founder of Millwoods Shoes

In this episode, Carrie and Lucy sit down to explore the experiences of rural entrepreneur Jane Robertson.

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Episode 86: Guiding Journeys: From Ancient Lands to Mentoring Leadership Excellence with Hana Ayoub

Hana Ayoub

Founder of Visit Baladi and Hana Ayoub Mentoring

Hana’s passion for showcasing her homeland,Jordan, led her to create her business - Visit Baladi. Hana also runs a mentoring business, empowering individuals to communicate with clarity and confidence.

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Episode 85: Sustainable Solutions: Replated’s Journey from Pitch Competition to Impact

Naomi Tarsisz

Founder of RePlated

Naomi’s company Replated focuses on creating reusable takeaway food containers and designing systems to simplify reuse for food service and businesses.

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Episode 84: From Care to Cyber: Ailie Houlihan's Journey and Tips for Cyber Security Success

Ailie Houlihan

Strategist & Consultant at CyberCX

Ailie Houlihan, a cybersecurity professional, shares how switching from a career in nursing to the field of cybersecurity has improved her work/life balance.

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Episode 83: Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Empowering Lives and Businesses with Fay Chan

Fay Chan

Founder of Living Well with Fay

In this podcast episode, Fay Chan, an EFT tapping practitioner, shares her journey as a business owner and the power of EFT tapping. She describes how tapping can help release and rewire complex emotions and she discusses the importance of ethics in her work.

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