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Episode 85: Sustainable Solutions: Replated’s Journey from Pitch Competition to Impact

Naomi Tarsisz

Founder of RePlated

Naomi’s company Replated focuses on creating reusable takeaway food containers and designing systems to simplify reuse for food service and businesses.

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Episode 84: From Care to Cyber: Ailie Houlihan's Journey and Tips for Cyber Security Success

Ailie Houlihan

Strategist & Consultant at CyberCX

Ailie Houlihan, a cybersecurity professional, shares how switching from a career in nursing to the field of cybersecurity has improved her work/life balance.

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Episode 83: Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Empowering Lives and Businesses with Fay Chan

Fay Chan

Founder of Living Well with Fay

In this podcast episode, Fay Chan, an EFT tapping practitioner, shares her journey as a business owner and the power of EFT tapping. She describes how tapping can help release and rewire complex emotions and she discusses the importance of ethics in her work.

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Episode 82: Empowering Business Leaders with Research, Networking, and Empathy: Insights from Michelle Klein, a journey from Silicon Valley to Australia

Michelle Klein

Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at IAG

Michelle Klein, discusses her journey across the globe and her experience in business leadership. She emphasises the importance of knowing your values and leading with empathy in both personal and professional settings.

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Episode 81: Dreaming Big: Unleashing Success Through Passion, Purpose, and Journaling

Kristina Karlsson

Founder of kikki.K and Dream Life

Kristina has been journaling for over a decade, and as she shares in this terrific episode on Mumbition, journaling has inspired her ambition, livelihood, and wellbeing as a business-owning woman. We touch on everything from daily habits to the close of her former business, Kikki K, her mentors, and how her Swedish heritage has inspired the products she makes.

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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Fuelling Business Success with Technology and Livelihood

Karen Joyce and Tracy Sheen

Geo Nadir and She Maps + Digital Guide and a Mums & Co Expert

Today’s Mumbition guests are both business owning women who have put technology at the forefront of what they do. 

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Bonus Episode: Ambitious Women in Business: Forging Legacies Through Values, Motivation, and Community

Nandeeta Maharaj and Katrina McCarter

Goods 4 Good and Marketing To Mums

We speak with two business owning women about what forms their business values and the foundation for their individual legacies, and how they stay motivated and the role that community and technology have played in the growth of their businesses. 

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Fuelling Female Founders: Where Wellbeing and Networking Unite with Renata Taylor and Jillian Kilby

Renata Taylor & Jillian Kilby

Founder of Grouch & Co Coffee and Founder of The Exchange

Today’s Mumbition guests are both business owners who have put community and networking at the heart of their business success. Renata Taylor, founder of Grouch and Co coffee, and a member of DWEN, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network. She is joined by Jillian Kilby, CEO and founder of The Exchange.

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Episode 80: Building brand integrity and problem solving

Amreeta Abbott & Stacie Shaw

Founder of Annature & Partner at PKF

If you love problem solving then this episode of Mumbition with Mums & Co members, Amreeta Abbott and Stacie Shaw is for you! In this episode, we discuss the value of building a brand with integrity - something you'd recommend to your own mother, sister or grandmother, why it’s important to take risks and that no matter how great your ambition, your love for family (showers and a long haul flight) will always keep you grounded.

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Episode 79: Keep It Simple

Laura Elkaslassy & Michael Nuciforo

Profit First & Thriday

Keeping it simple. Finding your north star and creating a world with harmony between your ambition, livelihood and wellbeing. We chat through all this and more with not one but two founders.

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