Mums & Co x Dream Life Mumbition™ Collaboration Journal

We are delighted to bring you Mumbition™ the Journal – a special collaboration by Mums & Co x Dream Life.

Mumbition™ is the Mums & Co word for the unapologetic blending of motherhood and ambition - and this journal is your invitation to discover yours.

We fundamentally believe in the power of women supporting women which is why we are so delighted to be collaborating with Dream Life Founder Kristina Karlsson to bring you this beautiful journal.

Available for purchase via The Dream Life Store.

Mumbition the journal
Mumbition the journal

The journal unapologetically blending motherhood & ambition

Guiding working Mums through a simple and regular journaling practise, this unique collaboration has been thoughtfully curated to help harmonise ambition (your business and career goals); your livelihood (your family and financial routine); and wellbeing (your individual physical, mental and spiritual health).

Mumbition™ the Journal follows a monthly cadence with a daily check in - complete with insights shared by the Mums & Co community and practical tips for navigating challenges and opportunities.


How to Use the MumbitionJournal

This journal has activities for the year and invites you to check in daily. You will find 12 monthly plans, four quarterly plans and nine feature activities. The feature activities are inspired by Mums & Co upskilling and networking.

They include the opportunity to:

Mumbition the journal

Harmonise Ambition, Livelihood and Wellbeing

Mumbition the journal

Make your business ask & build your network

Mumbition the journal

Tap into expertise & Practise Your Pitch

Mumbition the journal

Access strategic guidance

Mumbition the journal

Find new introductions

Mumbition the journal

Advocate for your ambition

What else is in the journal?

At the end of each month is a habit tracker which is a useful tool to track your daily progress on various habits and routines.

You'll also find...

  • Blank pages for journaling
  • Inspirational quotes from mumbitious business-women
  • Quarterly planning exercises
  • Spaces dedicated to harmony and networking.
Mumbition the journal

Support your mumbition today!

Did you know you can personalise your journal to suit your style! Select from a variety of colours and finishes - you can even personalise the cover with your name!

The Mums & Co x Dream Life Mumbition™ Collaboration Journal is available for purchase via the Dream Life Store.