Confident Pitching For Business Women

by Mums & Co

Learn to pitch your business with clarity and conviction

Tell me about the course

The Mums & Co Confident Pitching For Business Women course is an online program for those who want to pitch their business or idea with clarity and confidence by sharing your authentic self and unique story.

Whether you’ve just got an idea, recently started out in business or you’re a seasoned pro this course will meet you where you’re at and help you successfully pitch to any audience, connecting with people and making them want to learn more.

The best way to accomplish your mumbition (the unapologetic blending of motherhood and ambition) is to invest in yourself with a supportive movement, ready and available to help you grow.

This course is taught through nine online modules. Each module is jam packed with video lessons, hands on activities, actionable tips (to implement in your business right away) and downloadable resources.

What you’ll learn

  • The value of a pitch and why it is vital for your business owner toolkit
  • How to be physically, emotionally and mentally ready to pitch
  • How to prepare a competition winning pitch 
  • How to create a ‘universal’ pitch deck that is engaging and memorable
  • To overcome negative self talk and the challenges of imposter syndrome
  • The best ways to handle difficult questions and scenarios facing women entrepreneurs
  • To create a short 'elevator' pitch using a popular framework
  • To clearly pitch your business in a sentence and influence others in less than a minute
  • How to ensure you’ve all the key info on your pitch slides that clearly presents what you do
  • How to overcome the struggles of pitching to male dominated VC industry
  • When to know if you’re ready for capital raising

What topics will be covered in the course?

  • The elevator pitch
  • The universal pitch deck
  • Getting pitch confident
  • Tools for capital raising
  • Pitching advice for women
  • Getting competition ready
  • Advice from angel and venture capital investors 

Hi, I’m Carrie, Co-Founder of Mums & Co

Mums & Co launched when I had a toddler to my name and was seven months pregnant with my second son. So I know a thing or two about the juggle.
To some it may seem crazy to take on such a massive challenge when my life was about to be turned upside down. To others―I’m talking about mums like us―it makes perfect sense.

Because when that idea that lights you up comes along - it’s impossible to let it go.

So how do you get other people on board and truly understand your idea? 
That is all in the art of the pitch and that pitch can take place anywhere and at any time - at the school gate, a friends bbq or on a pitch competition stage.

Pitching is challenging for anyone, but can be especially challenging for women. Why? Because whilst pitching is not technically hard, it’s emotionally hard.
A confidence gap exists for women, who tend to undervalue themselves. In a pitch environment this leads to underselling themselves and coming off to listeners as ‘less sure of themselves’.

I frequently hear women express that they don’t feel they deserve their job and are “imposters” who could be found out at any moment. 

At Mums & Co we think this can be improved for women like you. So we’ve created the Confident Pitching For Business Women mini-course - to help give all women a safe space to connect, grow and learn together.

I hope to see you there!


How is the course delivered?

Don't just take our word for it

Here's what business owning mum Luciana has to say to her followers on insta...

"... Putting yourself out there takes guts. And getting rejected time after time or straight out ignored can bruise the ego. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And knowing how to pitch definitely helps too!

I recently had the pleasure of joining for the ‘Confident Pitching for Business Women’ course and absolutely loved the course content and support from all involved.
The group zoom classes where so convenient, allowing me to tune in from home, and work on the content at my own pace.

Truth be told, I’ve had a challenging few months with Jeanie’s sleep, so I’m still getting through some of it. But the best thing about the course was that most of the women were mums and understand the juggle of life.
There was no judgement and nothing but support, with helpful advise from women from all types of business, which is truly priceless.

I couldn’t recommend this platform more for any women wanting to upskill their business.

Thanks @carriekkwan , Lucy and the team for having me along."

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Why learn with Mums & Co?

Mums & Co is Australia’s most caring business network and digital platform that enables mums in business to thrive. We are backing the women behind the businesses that make Australia amazing by giving them access to the resources, services and support they need.

We understand the juggle that comes with running a business and raising a family. For this reason we have developed a snackable content which women - like you -  can learn from anytime and anywhere to support (and doesn’t compete with) your busy lifestyle. Together with Co-Founder Carrie Kwan, Mums & Co has a network of domain experts, experienced investors, founders and business leaders who will give you advice on the best practices for pitching.

Since launching in 2016 we’ve helped thousands of women to grow their businesses, with our annual conference Be MPowered, pitch competition and a welcoming movement full of connections and potential collaborations.

And now it’s your turn to get this support.

Meet the Experts

As a student of the Confident Pitching For Business Owning Women 2021 exclusive cohort you’ll learn from leading industry experts including:

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