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Connect with your audience & gain buy-in

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Are you feeling like this?

Talking about your business makes you want to run and hide.

You struggle to get buy-in for your ideas.

Pitching makes you feel… nervous/scared/sleazy/tongue-tied…

You want to position yourself as an authority in your field but don’t know how.

You’re never sure when it’s the right moment to bring up your business.

You struggle to be heard in what can feel like a boys club.

But you’re mumbitious and would rather be feeling…

Powerful and that you capture attention when speaking.

That your big idea is an irresistible proposition.

You elicit an emotional connection with your audience so they want to buy into your business.

That you are making the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Confident that your audience will walk away knowing exactly what you do and what your ask is.

That there is a supportive community behind you.

Confident Pitching For Business Women course is for you if

You are wanting to pitch your business with clarity and confidence by sharing your authentic self and unique business story.

Whether you’ve just started out in business or you’re a seasoned pro this course will meet you where you’re at and help you successfully engage any audience connecting with people and making them want to learn more about your business.

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What you get…

1. Clarity

Give you the resources to construct your message with clarity to clearly engage your audience.

2. Confidence

Provide the frameworks and insights to step out feeling empowered every time.

3. Time

Will set you up to find more free time in your day to focus on the parts of your business that make you shine.

What you will cover

This course is taught through nine online modules over a six week period. Each module is jam packed with video lessons, hands on activities, actionable tips (to implement in your business right away) and downloadable resources. 

Module 1

An introduction to the course by Mums & Co Co-Founder Carrie Kwan.

Module 2

The elevator pitch This module is all about creating your own elevator pitch so you can pitch with confidence and clarity when the opportunity arises.

Module 3

The universal pitch deck. This module is all about creating your own universal pitch deck.

Module 4

Getting confident. This module is all about building confidence. Carrie goes over everything from body language, to how to effectively use your voice, and chats with expert Lisa Lockland Bell.

Module 6

Advice from successful female entrepreneurs This module is all about paying it forward. Eleven of Australia's successful female founders have shared their best tips and advice on how to successfully pitch - with you! Walk in their shoes and learn from those who have already trodden the path, including Edwina Sharrock Founder of Birth Beat, Sheree Rubinstein Founder of One Rood and Lija Wilson Founder of Puffling.

Module 7

Getting Pitch Competition Ready.

Module 8

Pitching advice from investors. Advice from Solai Valliappan Head of Early Stage Investing at Tiger Financial Group, Jackie Vullinghs Partner AirTree Venture, Peter Huynh Co-Founder and Partner, Qualgro.

Module 9

Assessment and learning badge.

You’re not alone…

By joining our cohort you have an instant group of supportive business owning women by your side. For the 6-weeks of the course you will meet with your cohort, Carrie, Lucy and industry experts, to perfect your pitch.

These online sessions are designed as a safe space for you to put into practise what you have learned, get feedback, tap into the knowledge of other successful business owners and importantly build your own network.

You will be supported by Mums & Co Co-Founder Carrie Kwan, live Q&A sessions and the Mums & Co extended movement. Carrie is available and active on the Mums & Co Member Directory ready to give feedback, answer your questions and share her knowledge from over a decade of experience in the startup world.

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A course designed to fit your lifestyle

Confident Pitching For Business Women course is 100% digital, so you can participate online anywhere at any time that suits you.

We understand the unique challenges that come with being a business owning mother.

The school drop offs and pickups, that a kid will always end up having a sick day at the worst possible moment and we know that 6-8pm on school night is not a good time for a webinar. Because this is our life too!

This course is created especially for women like you who are ready to perfect their business pitch and make the most of the opportunities in life to share what you do in your business and win more customers.

Our tried and tested method works

Here’s what previous cohorts have had to say

“Boy did it hit the spot with Carrie's first two videos alone! Summing up what we do at The Cohive Collective has always been difficult - as I'm sure most business-owning women feel the same - we encompass so many amazing offerings it's hard to put them into a concise & captivating pitch. I am so excited to be part of this course and can't wait to meet up for our zoom session later this week.”

Josephine Borovac,
Founder of Cohive Collective

“I do suffer from imposter syndrome and pitching is something I really need to get much more comfortable about. Talking about my business/ solution is great when I can do it fluidly. I really think Carrie did a great job, especially for new founders who haven't had any exposure to pitches, decks etc.”


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What you’ll learn

The basic foundations of pitching .

How to prepare a competition winning pitch.

To create a short 'elevator' pitch.

How to be physically, emotionally and mentally ready.

To clearly pitch your business in a sentence and influence others in less than a minute.

How to overcome the struggles of pitching to male dominated industries.

To overcome negative self talk and the challenges of imposter syndrome.

The best ways to handle difficult questions and scenarios facing women entrepreneurs.

Why is pitching so important?

Why learn with Mums & Co

Mums & Co is Australia’s most caring business network and digital platform that enables mums in business to thrive.

We understand the juggle that comes with running a business and raising a family. So we've developed snack-able content which women can learn from anytime and anywhere. To support (and doesn’t compete with) your busy lifestyle. 

Together with Co-Founder Carrie Kwan, Mums & Co has a network of experts,  investors and founders and business leaders who can give you advice on the best practices for pitching.

We’ve helped thousands of women to grow their businesses, with our annual conference Be MPowered, pitch competition and a welcoming movement full of connections and potential collaborations.

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 And now it’s your turn to get this support. 

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This course is for you if

  • You are a business owning woman who wants to pitch your business, your needs or an idea with clarity and conviction.
  • No matter which stage of business you are in. Whether you’ve just got an idea, you’ve recently started out or you’re a seasoned pro - this course will meet you where you are at.
  • You are located anywhere in Australia. It is delivered 100% online so you could be in inner-city Melbourne, on a farm near Orange or by the coast in Broome. You can access this content and your supportive cohort wherever you have an internet connection. 

Join the 1000’s of business owning mums who have been supported on their business journey by Mums & Co

You’ve read this far

Let me introduce myself

Hi, I’m Carrie, Co-Founder of Mums & Co.
Mums & Co launched when I had a toddler and was seven months pregnant with my second son. So I know a thing or two about the juggle.

To some it may seem crazy to take on such a massive challenge when my life was about to be turned upside down. To others―I’m talking about mums like us―it makes perfect sense. Because when that idea that lights you up comes along - it’s impossible to let it go.

So how do you get other people on board and truly understand your idea? It's all in the art of the pitch and that pitch can take place anywhere and at any time - at the school gate, a friends bbq or on a pitch competition stage.

A confidence gap exists for women, who tend to undervalue themselves. In a pitch environment this leads to underselling and coming off to listeners as ‘less sure of themselves’. I frequently hear women express that they don’t feel they deserve their job and are “imposters” who could be found out at any moment. 

At Mums & Co we think this can be improved for women like you. So we’ve created the Confident Pitching For Business Women course - to give all women a safe space to connect, grow and learn together.

I hope to see you there!

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Meet the Experts

As a student of the Confident Pitching For Business Owning Women cohort you’ll learn from leading industry experts including:


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