Create your one page partnership strategy to reach new customers

March 5, 2024

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM AEST


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Who is Katrina?

Armed with over a decade of running a successful business, global marketing expert Katrina McCarter , a Fortune 100 corporate chief turned entrepreneur, international award winning speaker and author has helped hundreds of clients build businesses, reputations and visibility. Read more about Katrina here: https://app.mumsandco.com.au/get-advice

Most business owners waste time chasing the wrong types of partnerships. They either wait for opportunities to come to them or they don’t realise which partnerships would best serve their business objectives. As a result, they become frustrated, they don’t get the success they want and they believe partnerships don’t work. In this 60 minute workshop partnerships expert, Katrina McCarter reveals the key mistakes to avoid, identify where you should start and show you how to build your one page Partnership Strategy. Don’t miss this webinar from Australia’s #1 Small Business Partnership expert.

After completing this session with Katrina you will:

1.Understand the 7 mistakes people make with partnerships

2. Identify where you need to start with partnerships

3. Learn 5 things you can offer up in a partnership negotiation

Anything else I need to know?

We’re hosting this event on Teams, so it’s easy for you to attend during your break no matter where you’re located in Australia. For cancellation Terms and Conditions please visit https://www.mumsandco.com.au/membership-terms-and-conditions.

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Create your one page partnership strategy to reach new customers

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Create your one page partnership strategy to reach new customers

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