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Annette Densham

Founder The Audacious Agency


With over 30 years in media, corporate communications and public relations, Annette loves nothing more than asking lots of questions to uncover the incredible stories out there. These days, she taps into these stories to help entrepreneurs and business people build strong, engaging public profiles using business awards and strategic PR plans. Together with her partner in shine at The Audacious Agency, Annette works hard, dropping tasty storytelling breadcrumbs that help clients connect with their audience and build powerful social proof.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most? And what is your answers

Can you guarantee I will win or get media coverage? My answer - no. There are no guarantees in life or business, all we can guarantee is we will deliver the best pitch, content, submission we can and then it is over to the decision makers to determine the next steps. We have no control over editors or judges. PR success comes from not one action, but many actions over time as you build your presence and visibility.

List 3 key takeaways of working with you:

1. Strategy and a plan - clarity on what steps to take over 12 month period that will grow your brand and get you in front of more people

2. Clarity - on your story, your impact, your successes, business lessons and what you offer to the world

3. Empowerment - knowing you have something to say and that there are people who want to hear from you. If you have solution to someone's problem, knowing you do not have to be the best kept secret is exciting.

List your key achievements:

Winner of Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2023 - copywriting business of the year.

Heart of Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023

6x winner of the Grand Stevie for Stevie Awards for Women in Business

95% award success rate for clients through to the finals

Helping our clients grow their presence online and seeing 30% business growth, more media attention, ask to speak at conferences and events, winning awards when they thought they didn't have anything to celebrate.

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