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Brett Lillie

Founder Rediscover Your Athlete Within


Dr Brett Lillie is a coach, keynote speaker and rehab clinician. For the past 25 years he has helped people overcome painful barriers, enabling them to rewrite their story and go after a life well lived. His book Rediscover YOUR Athlete Within takes readers through 10 practical steps to guide and encourage them to truly shine, take charge of their future and be active for the rest of their life.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most; and what is your answer?
: Do I really have an athlete within me? 

A: Absolutely! you just need to rediscover it and give it life. I believe inside everyone of us there’s an athlete, like a little kid bursting to get out. We all remember our glory days, when we had energy, ran around, kicked a ball or swam at the beach on a hot day just because it made us feel alive, it gave us joy. 

It’s just that life happens, we grow older, we take on responsibilities and slowly forget that ability to play. Rediscovering and being aligned with your athlete within is about finding your mojo and rekindling that love again with movement. That deep connection to your true self will open up possibilities you’ve always dreamt of but never dared to chase.

List 3 key takeaways of working with you:
1. Rediscover - how to reconnect to your athlete within and re-write your story

2. Transform - how to embrace change and overcome your life patterns

3. Become - how to grow into the best version of yourself and create longevity

List of your key achievements:

  • Masters in Chiropractic
  • Post Grad in Paediatrics and Musculoskeletal Medicine.
  • Certified DNS Practitioner from the Prague Rehab School
  • Author or Rediscover YOUR Athlete Within
  • Expert voice on chronic pain, productivity and longevity
  • Contributor on Flying Solo, CEOWorld Magazine, Kochie’s Business Builders and HR Leaders

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