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Carrie Kwan

Co Founder Mums & Co


Carrie Kwan has been the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mums & Co since 2016. Prior to this she boot-strapped a start up in 2007 known as the insider’s guide to what’s new and notable at DailyAddict.com.au. She is deeply passionate about inspiring women, particularly mums, to realize success in harmonizing their ambition, livelihood and wellbeing.

She advocates for more investment in women-led ventures and in 2017 commissioned the first Australian Mums in Business Report. In 2018 she launched an annual national pitch competition to champion more women leaders in business, close the gap in pitching knowledge as well as reduce the challenges with funding a business.

Key achievements:

A speaker, communicator and mentor, Carrie is host to the annual conference Be MPowered by Mums & Co, recognised as a 2021 Australian Top 50 Inside Small Business Leader, included in Kochie’s Business Builders Power List 2019, a finalist in the 2018 Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards and features in the book #IFSHECANICAN. She has also served as board member for AssureMe Pty Ltd and the Macquarie Business Global MBA Advisory Board.

Carrie is mother to two boys, proud wife, sister, daughter and you can catch her weekly as co- host of Mumbition the Podcast by Mums & Co.

Carrie often gets asked about how to start a digital business, how to pitch with confidence and grow a personal brand and community. She can advise in: Start a business, Community Building, Customer Experience, Launch a new service, Personal branding, Social Media, Creating a pitch and pitch deck, PR and media, Partnerships & sponsorship.

Expertise in:

  • Scale a business
  • Strategic plan
  • Confidence
  • Raising capital
  • Start a business
  • Government relations, PR and media
  • Customer Experience
  • Partnerships & sponsorship
  • Launch new product/service
  • Community building
  • Create a pitch and pitch deck
  • Social media: reach
  • Personal branding
  • Find a business mentor / expert / champion/grow my network

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Expert Testimonials

"Carrie gave me great advise on building brand awareness and website visits through social media, testing each platform to see what works best and which ones give better returns. It was great to talk this through with her and to delve more into my target market and personas. Thank you for giving amazing and practical recommendations for small business and on a tight budget."

Andrea Posada

Little Koala Book Club

"Carrie was amazing at helping me with my brand message and brand promise. It was a really interactive and practical session with great takeaways. Thanks Carrie"

Yvonne Kelly

Glow Up Careers | Driftwood Group

"Carrie provided some very good knowledge in PR, SM and building the community. The insights were tailored to my needs."

Sandra Parisi

Sandra Parisi

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