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Emily Rose Yates

Founder Emily Rose Yates Naturopath


Emily has developed an evidence based approach to Naturopathic Medicine to ensure measured and accurate outcomes.  She works closely with the medical model, GP's & specialists to improve patient outcomes.

Emily is passionate about supporting women to be the best they can be for themselves, their family and the planet. She has been practising since 2007 and uses her naturopathic skills and knowledge to effect change physically, mentally and spiritually. Emily is also the mother of three beautiful boys and is passionate about supporting mothers and their families to thrive.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most; and what is your answer?

Question: "
I'm not feeling right and the doctor says everything is normal."

Answer: I move women from a place of surviving to thriving.  It is accepted that most women will feel tired because of all they do.  Very often I find deficiencies within their nutrient status, imbalances in their thyroid, sluggish metabolism, liver overload within their blood tests that will make them feel awful but aren’t out the parameters enough to be diagnosed as anything in particular by the doctor. I have my own optimal range I like patients to sit in, then they start to THRIVE, over SURVIVE.

Key takeaways of working with Emily:

Many of my patients say they feel more themselves, more energised, empowered to know what to do, and didn’t realise they could feel as good as they do.

Very often women accept a low level of normal and blame themselves for feeling a particular way.

Three of Emilys key achievements:
1. Supporting thousands of women to thrive and not just survive
B. My 3 beautiful boys, they are rambunctious, kind, and full of energy
C. Becoming an entrepreneur and using the challenge of business as personal growth

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