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Jo Downer

Entrepreneur & Business Strategist


Meet Jo Downer - An entrepreneur at heart, Jo has been working in the startup industry for +20 years, most recently as CEO of her own tech startup. Jo’s most recent venture ‘Monday Mojo’ helps founders get ‘unstuck’ in their journey no matter which stage you’re at - from the early stages of validating an idea, or finding clever growth through partnerships, and then when it’s time to raise investment. Jo knows time and capital are your greatest resources, yet often the scarcest - which is why her combination of affordable mini-courses & membership have been cleverly crafted to ‘not break the bank’ but give you the support and straight-talking strategy you need to succeed.

List 3 key takeaways of working with you:
1. Help workshop/brainstorm a new idea, product or business to work out if it has potential 

2. Help with new collaborations, intros & connections - I can help you work out the right growth partner for your business stage and how to attract them

3. Support & Motivation - I can help your journey not be so lonely and help you find the answers or motivation to help you step forward 

List 3 of your key achievements:
1: Started as a solo non-tech founder, on my own literally from a pop up desk in the corner of my young son’s bedroom, went on to attract 2 tech co-founders and raise 2 rounds of venture capital and run a tech startup for 7 years as the CEO

2: Am mum to 2 amazing teenagers who amaze me at their confidence and wisdom everyday

3: Being in the less than 2% of global female founders who have raised venture capital (not once, but twice!)

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