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Rebecca Saunders

Founder The Champagne Lounge


Rebecca Saunders is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Podcaster and Global Speaker. She works with ambitious regional business women wanting to do life and business unapologetically on their terms, and through her membership community The Champagne Lounge is on a mission to support all regional business women across Australia through connection, conversation and celebration.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most; and what is your answer?
How do I do it all 😅
A: My community, a lot of systems and a ton of motivation to move the dial.

List 3 key takeaways of working with you:

1. Turn Your Uniqueness Into A Super Power

2. How to start and cultivate meaningful relationships

3. Business Hacks for Getting It Done

List 3 of your key achievements:

1. Taking my business from 0 to 7 figures during the pandemic

2. From day 1 I’ve paid myself and my team a market rate salary

3. Connecting and building relationships with other business women for the greater good of us all

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