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Verity Hare

Founder and Director of TradieWives


Verity Hare is a dedicated advocate for the empowerment and support of women in the trades industry. As the Founder and Director of TradieWives, she has demonstrated unwavering commitment to creating and building a supportive community of over 38,000.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most; and what is your answer?

Q: How do you grow an engaged Facebook community?
A: Find your niche and always keep a nice mix of education, humour and vulnerability in all your communications. Take the time to really know the members and their pain points. The more people feel seen and understood, the more they will get out of the community and in turn recommend it to others.

Three key takeaways of working with Verity:

1. Learn how to grow and engaged Facebook group
2. Learn how to monetise a Facebook group
3. How to deal with difficult people

List 3 of your key achievements:

1. Growing a combined community of over 38,000
2. Creating a Business Academy
3. Starting a podcast

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