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Shares career and parenting stories. Each episode features a special guest providing inspirational personal stories and practical tips for how to start and stay in business, maintain your wellbeing, unapologetically blend motherhood and ambition.


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Episode 77: Lightening the load of parenting

Laura Campbell

Founder of Hacker Lily

Laura shares her insights into her journey into launching a new baby product and tips for the realities of this exciting but sometimes challenging business journey.

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Episode 76: From ambitious to mumbitious

Natalie Anne

Founder of Natalie Anne Haircare

Natalie Anne started in the hairdressing industry at 14 years old. She’s now a mum and at the helm of a thriving hairdressing empire and describes her lively Lebanese family as her biggest business network.

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Episode 75: Where we work influences what we create

Kate Dezarnaulds

Founder of WorkLife

With three small kids in tow Kate Dezarnaulds took the plunge and made the move to regional NSW discovering community and connection while building a successful co-working business WorkLife. 

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Episode 74: You’re not going to break it - with Tracy Sheen Founder of The Digital Guide

Tracy Sheen

Founder The Digital Guide

Tracy Sheen is the Founder of  The Digital Guide working with small business owners to help them learn, leverage and love technology in their business.

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Episode 73: Every business can benefit from the wisdom of Elders
Mundanara Bayles
Founder of Black Magic Woman Podcast and Co-Founder The Black Card

Mundanara Bayles is mother of five, host of Black Magic Woman podcast and co-founder of The Black Card a specialist consultancy providing cultural capability training.

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Episode 72: Celebrating the amazing things mums can do
Anita Noller and Jessica Wong-Saunderson
Founders of MumbleMe

Anita and Jess are two founders who want to change the stat that mums are three times more likely to leave the workforce during their 30s due to the demands of motherhood.

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Episode 71: A product that sells itself

Dr Alana Wylie

Founder Eye Heart Science

Dr Alana Wylie has created a unicorn. A business that is growing organically without huge amounts of marketing or advertising. So how has she done it? And got kids hooked on science at the same time?

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Episode 70: A safe space to get support

Verity Hare

Founder Tradie Wives

Verity Hare knew she was onto something when the community she founded Tradie Wives hit a milestone number of members and has grown into a business in it’s own right, supporting the supporters!

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Episode 69: How content is like bolognese

Lauren Hamilton

Founder of Digital Narrative

Lauren Hamilton is the founder of marketing agency Digital Narrative. She shares some really practical tips on how to maximize exposure for your business, create a content strategy that is not overwhelming and win at networking.

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Episode 68: Motherhood a baptism of fire and inspiration
Stephanie Trethewey
Founder Motherland

Stephanie Trethewey is the founder of Motherland, the incredibly successful Australian podcast and community dedicated to supporting rural mothers and reducing their isolation.

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