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Episode 95: Unleashing Your Potential: A Journey to Vibrant Health with Emily Rose Yates

Emily Rose Yates

Founder Emily Rose Yates Naturopath

June 4, 2024
Join us as we delve into conversation with Emily Rose Yates, who shares her personal journey from burnout at a young age, to becoming a women’s health advocate and naturopath. Emily highlights the importance of prioritising health, especially for women who often put others’ needs before their own and are the centre of their communities. She advocates for preventative health measures and regular check-ups to ensure optimal health and wellbeing.


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Produced by - Lucy Kippist
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‍Interviewers - Carrie Kwan and Lucy Kippist
‍Guest - Emily Rose Yates


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Episode 95 Transcript

00:00:04:15 - 00:00:28:05

Emily Rose Yates

My calling is to remind women that they're worthy to remind women that they can be thriving, regardless of how much they're holding, and to not accept any low level of health, and that there is proper help out there for them. Sometimes, unfortunately, women have tried and tried and tried again, and they've been very gaslit. They've not got the answers that they need and that makes me really sad, because it takes a lot of effort to get to an appointment and, you know, express and get vulnerable and talk about these issues. But looking at prevention is the key in that is if you've got any niggles, do something about it. You are way more important than you believe you are. Your health is so much more important than anything. Actually, if we don't have our health, we can't earn money. We can't keep our families buoyant. We can't do anything else. So it's about prioritizing that because you are worthy.

00:01:05:07 - 00:01:14:09


Okay. Before we get started on today's episode, Carrie, I want you to get out your phone. Now I want you to find a date or put a reminder for the next Monday that's coming up. To book a blood test.

00:01:24:13 - 00:01:38:01


This is a great idea. Sorry, I was just picking up my phone off the floor because I knocked it off before we started this episode. Anyway, I've got it now. I'm popping it in. Love it.

00:01:40:04 - 00:01:59:18


Excellent. Isn't it a great idea? And it's actually one of the things that Emily Rose Yates, who is our guest today on Mumbition, shares that it's probably the number one thing that as women, we all need to remind and encourage each other to do, and that's to book in an appointment to get a blood test to track our own health markers.

00:01:59:18 - 00:02:15:00


Emily's message is very powerful. And her knowledge of the various support systems that we can actually put in place to support our health right now - essential listening. We started by asking Emily for her 90 second pitch.

00:02:15:15 - 00:02:29:03


Now, we'd love sharing women's stories. Emily, would you like to. we really wanted to invite you to share your story with our listeners today. Maybe you can give us a little bit of pitch about your business too.

00:02:29:03 - 00:02:44:10

Emily Rose Yates

Yeah. So I suppose what, what got me into naturopathy medicine is my spectacular burnout at the age of 21, a lot of doctors couldn't figure out what was going on with me. I had glandular fever, and then I developed chronic fatigue. I went to a naturopath and she kind of brought me back to life. And so I had a nice mini crisis early on in life, that really course corrected me. And I do believe that breakdowns lead to break through. And then I started my naturopathy practice and then had my children and I was kind of like, oh, what a win. I can work in and around my family and my family's needs and my children's needs, and I could apply all of my knowledge, so I'm super lit to be sharing messages with women and giving like, really easy solutions in order to nurture up the vibrancy of their health and their family and their children. I've been lucky enough to practice on my kids for long enough and, get everyone is healthy and as possible. That's a bit about my story.

00:03:33:05 - 00:03:35:00


Thank you for sharing that. This this wellness journey is a lifelong one, isn't it? And, just in terms of, you know, it's not something that we can ever not invest in. Although at times I feel like it plays a different role in our lives. yeah. Has that sort of changed with you as you've progressed, you know, becoming parents, becoming business owner, you know, growing through. Yeah. Has it, has it changed and in what way?

00:04:14:09 - 00:04:41:01

Emily Rose Yates

It has. It definitely has. So grateful to do what I do because it's a constant reminder. I sit with patients all day going how much rest are you doing? How much sleep are you having? And it's prioritizing those pieces in and amongst the busyness. And one of the things that is my famous quote is that imagine if we were all of us right here, now we're bedridden for six weeks. How is that going to go for family, for business, for all the things that we hold? We are a generation that, for lack of a better word or analogy are the meat in the sandwich, we have little children and we have elderly parents, and so we're caring for everybody. So I think the reason why I, specifically speak to mums is because if I help elevate the health of one mum, I've contacted whole community because we're like the inside of a spider web and we're like, we're in the school community. We're in, we're in the elderly community. We're in the younger children community. We're everywhere. And so I like to kind of when I see women that are kind of on the edge of burnout, I'm like, well, let's actually go there. And I don't like to operate from fear. So I operate from love. But it's a good kind of headspace to re prioritize our health as mums and our mental health and our rest practices, and our sleep.

Nothing matters more than us if we're not vibrating at high frequency. The fam, we actually modulate that in the household. We modulate the microbiomes, home of the household, which we know about the gut. So our health is actually the epicenter of every family and community that we touch. So if we get taken out those communities fall down. So it's a really great kind of reframe because it's like, wow, yeah, I am so important.

And so often I think as mums, our health can become very background and we put up with little niggly things that go on and on and on. And there I always say that little hollow area from the body need some help, need some attention, I need some help with my gut. And if we ignore that for long enough, it develops. And this is why one of me and my team do a lot of preventative health. So, 6 to 12 monthly blood screens. We analyse them, we get people in before you've fallen in a heap, and you can't do any of the roles that we wear. So many hats. Right. You just have to take all the hats off and be in bed. And that's not what I want for women. I want to look at more of a preventative lens and look at, you know, are the nutrients dropping and there's certain kind of changes in the life cycle where it's even more important. So obviously pregnancy, we're giving out endless nutrients. The World Health Organization says we need to be four weeks, in between ceasing breastfeeding and totally pregnant again, we need 3 to 4 years to replace the nutrients from feeding our baby.

00:07:07:09 - 00:07:09:12



00:07:10:01 - 00:07:32:09

Emily Rose Yates

So it's like we have consecutive children, we give out nutrients like we're not only giving of our time and our energy and our care and our mental load, and we're giving out nutrients like, which is, so incredibly powerful, like the power of that is like, whoa. So we yeah, really need to prioritise ourselves. And so then then there's that life cycle. A lot of people go into a lot of postnatal depletion, which causes a lot of postnatal anxiety, depression, all nutrient based. Sometimes mental health is needed. Childhood comes up when we have babies, and then we move into these perimenopausal phase. And if we haven't taken that care of ourselves in that postnatal phase, it is much more difficult. It's a rocky road if you don't have the right support during perimenopause and menopause. So there's these big life cycles and total recalibrations and metamorphosis of women. We just keep upgrading, which is super cool. But if we don't have that base level, which I call petrol in the tank, good nutrients, it’s very difficult. We feel tired. We feel brain fog. We can drop into deep levels of sleep where bloated, periods are all over the shop. Menstruation is messed up. So it's. Yeah, I’m passionate. I could talk for hours.

00:08:26:12 - 00:08:27:12


So much to unpack. Literally like the spider web all the elements that we're so interconnected. And wellness grounds us, our health grounds us in that, and thank you for, you know, acknowledging so many parts of our, lives, in that very few short minutes, because that is the reality, isn't it? That is that is what we're dealing with that right now. And personally, I mean, I just received a couple of messages this morning, and that very scenario of imagine if you're in hospital for a few weeks, what would happen? I really wanted to call out the preventative mode that you're in as well, like, let's not let's not let this bubble up to a point where we actually can't manage it. We need to address it earlier.

00:09:44:14 - 00:09:48:10


Yeah. On Instagram post you made the other day, you made a great point, here I am in the line to get my blood taken, you guys need to do this every 6 months, this is your reminder. So I did. So you walk the talk.

00:11:38:13 - 00:11:43:13

Emily Rose Yates

100%. The medical system is overwhelmed, and doctors are doing their very best. In a 15 minute conversation, you can’t cover everything. I don’t cover everything in one hour and that’s how deep we go with questioning. So it’s very difficult to give people the care that they need in 15 minutes, and they are looking for you being right out of the scale of your bloods, if you look at the parameters, the medium level of population are the parameters you are given on pathology. So we are not far behind from America on things like heart disease, obesity, infertility, diabetes. So we are not doing very well. So if you are sitting in the parameters, you are still in a bit of risk of the illness. I have different parameters where I want people ibn optimal levels, looking at really robust vitamin D, for example, vitamin d helps with serotonin production, it helps with sleep wake cycles, it really helps with immunity, it does a million things in the body. Postnatal depression protective. There are loads of things we need to have really robust levels which make us feel so much more amazing and so much more capable. I often say to patients – lets get your wings back on, so you can fly again. A lot of people accept a very low level of health, they put it down to the fact they are entrepreneurs, they are in business, they have little children and elderly parents. I think if there is one takeaway from today, it’s you don’t have to put up with low level energy and brain fog. They are all signs that your body. Its common but its not normal. We are worthy enough to thrive. Getting women there in their headspace, and they are worth, is a big journey. And that's why I love the analogy of if you in bed for six weeks, what would that do to everybody? Because then all of a sudden it's like, oh, I am important because we're so used to giving out to everybody else. That's our natural, beautiful, nurturing, heart space, energy. That's part of being a mum and a business owner. We have to keep that in check and make sure that that's pouring back into us as well. Yeah. So regular bloods guys.

00:12:06:23 - 00:12:08:20


So on that. We're super keen to know what would be your, you know, non-negotiable when it comes to feeling grounded on a daily basis?

00:12:16:08 - 00:12:41:02

Emily Rose Yates

I'm joyously entering the perimenopausal phase, and for me, it's become exercise. I've always been an exerciser, but for me, it's become a lot more of a non-negotiable. It keeps me focused. It keeps me strong. I have three beautiful boys who are extremely active. And I'm determined to stay, I'm determined to keep up with them. My goal is just straight beat my 12 year old in a sprint, but he keeps getting faster and stronger and I'm yeah, I'll get there. It's the movement pace, I think. Very closely followed by the meditation. So when I'm not at the gym three times a week, I'm meditating. Those are the mornings I'm headphones on before anyone wakes and I just do 5 to 10 minutes and I'm connecting back into myself, and I find I have much more of a flow. I can jump into a slip stream, and the day is not so chaotic and hectic, even though there's so much on. I'm in the slipstream. If I dive into my inner a sense of calm.

00:13:18:00 - 00:13:19:01


Thank you for sharing that. as I mentioned before, you're very active on Instagram. Anyone that follows you would know that. I'm just wondering how that wraps into the answer to this question. Visibility is one of the biggest challenges for our community in terms of that's what they want to do. They want to reach more customers. They want to get their next client. Can you share maybe 1 or 2 things or strategies that you've used, perhaps even in the last 12 months, to kind of boost that part of your business? So I'm mentioning word of mouth is probably pretty big for you.

00:14:03:12 - 00:14:12:04

Emily Rose Yates

I do love social because it is a whole different way of connecting. I think the first piece is I find it extremely easy to talk to camera. That's something that and other people freak out at the thought of that. So it's like, find your thing - if you're a writer, do that. I just adlib. I just jump on when I have a thought and go for it. We are our business, right? So it's like, it's often I find the personal blocks or the stories or brawls, I call them that we create in our mind that doesn't make us visible.

So I feel like it's like, have a look at what you're telling yourself around getting visible. And what is your we all, like totally unique individual beings. And we all have superpowers in this area. So you might be an amazing writer and you might want to do it or written some of the slides from, you know, some amazing people that I follow are so educational really hit a nerve. It doesn't have to be face to camera if that's not your thing, if face to camera is your thing, that's great.

The other piece is batching. So, I used to think of all the reasons why I should do it, you know, not do it in a moment. But, there's two things - I'm very spontaneous and creative. So if I think of something, I do it straight away. Takes two minutes. Or if I think of something, I put it in the notes of my phone, something I need to talk about or some theme. It's really interesting, In clinic, there's themes that come through of like everyone's dehydrated and everyone's, or everyone's got, you know, really heavy periods or everyone's. So it's like, speak to that, speak to what's happening. You're one on one practice. If you do one on one work is your best research, market research. Right. So, think about these as a lot of things here, but think about the things that are coming up. Note it down in the notes and either do batch it out or do it spontaneously, but obviously it has to work for you.

And I think that's the piece here. What are you telling yourself around not showing up and not being visible. And start to explore that and clear that, and then it will be really much easier and find your magic around - How do you best communicate? What is your way of doing that? You might do a silly dance with the kids and you might just put some captions up. That might be fun. You know, it's like, think about the thing that's do the thing that's really easy. One of my money mentors who I love is find the easy thing. Like, we just make things so complicated sometimes it's like what feels really easy for you? Do that and just start. Start slowly and be consistent.

00:16:41:20 - 00:16:44:14


I love the, call to spontaneity there. Because sometimes I think, you know, as you say, if you go “Oh, that's such a good idea, I should do that.” And then you park it, and then you come back to it, and you like, where’s my energy for that now. So the spontaneity is a terrific, terrific suggestion. And also to your point about uncovering your blocks to visibility. We had a terrific workshop, just this week with one of our experts feature all about how to, unblock your visibility in your business. And it was all about that was all about that. It wasn't, you know, necessarily practical strategies. It was just that you got to clear it to get in touch with your strengths. Yeah. So you can be seen. So thank you.

00:17:25:02 - 00:17:40:04

Emily Rose Yates

One pace on that, too. Is that showing up in all the areas of your life? So what part of you does not want to be saying where did that come from? We're all worthy of being completely seen. It's like that's not if you can bust it to show up for your business. You've busted it in your personal life and sometimes let them get really excited about that work.

00:17:46:18 - 00:17:48:14


Yeah, yeah. Fascinating. So and just another question around the Instagram stuff because I know how regularly you are on there. you mentioned that you batch it. How do you do that? Can you talk us through that process?

00:18:03:02 - 00:18:24:10

Emily Rose Yates

I will think of a subject matter that I'm going to cover, and I will just get on and talk for. I find 30 seconds to a minute the much better uptake. We're losing our attention span, sadly. so, I will just speak for 30 seconds to a minute on the topic in different types. So say if it's like, let's say perimenopause, I'll break that into it's really important to be building muscle mass 30 seconds to a minute on that. And then I will say it's really important to regulate your blood sugar levels. And then I'll do 30 seconds to a minute on that. I mean it on that and that all just kind of flows. But they broken up into little pieces and that's you know, what we do. We have a flow of an educational post and then a written post and then the Friday five, which is like my five tips on something helpful. Just to move people, move the dial on their health basically. And so that flow really works for me. I do the educational pieces once a month four educational pieces, four videos and then the Friday fives.

And so that's then that's done for a month. A month comes round real quick. So batching really helps. We have so much to do to keep the cogs moving everyday, if I had to get on everyday I wouldn’t want to do it.

00:19:35:11 - 00:19:57:04


Yeah. And it actually takes, You know, it's an investment in terms of, one post, a good post can take about 15 to 20 minutes to make. So, we appreciate that. And whilst we're on that. Give us some of your social handles please. What are these accounts that you following?

00:19:57:04 - 00:20:10:21

Emily Rose Yates

Yeah. The Instagram is Emily Rose Yates Naturopath and so is Facebook. But yeah one has the app symbol obviously I also just started on tik tok, and that’s Emily Rose Yates.

00:20:46:04 - 00:20:49:16


I need to look into that. I'm sure there's a tax deduction there, too. So, Anyway, I think it's fantastic. I mean, we try to get. You might have heard at the end of every episode, we ask a little co to ask the question, and, you know, I absolutely get them involved in your business as much as you can. I know, I know kids who have, are pretty well versed in term sheets, you know, when they're doing, because their parents are in, mergers and acquisitions or whatever. And, you know, they, they really taking all in and they, they see you and we're really sort of role modelling that, that sort of future entrepreneurship, in them. So amazing. Okay. So and on that, in addition to running your business, your, you mentioned your mum of three boys. We are we are a, a studio of mum of boys today Lucy and I both have to be boys as well. Instant soccer teams, or cricket or wherever or whatever you fancy. What do you consider to be the most transferable skills between motherhood and business?

00:22:07:15 - 00:22:10:05

Emily Rose Yates

So funny. I was joking about this with the girlfriend the other day. It's yeah, I think it should just be like name, and mum. Because what comes with being a mum, is the most incredible work ethic, even the hours that go into feeding a baby – it’s hours and hours and hours. The way that we can multitask, the way we can run loads of streams at once. I’m always in awe of women in business who have families. Just for being a mum we should have a massive pay rise, and be hired immediately. We will get it done. It's like that whole adage of ask a busy person, to get something done and they'll do it.

00:23:01:20 - 00:23:05:08


Should be proud, because I think we're doing another full time job. Right? And it's when you. When you put. Yeah, we're doing 2 to 2 and a half, so, but I do. Yeah, I know. So just diving into a little bit of those capabilities, there are obviously some routines or there's some processes or apps that help us do that. What's been most useful to help you harmonize it all?

00:23:32:12 - 00:23:54:03

Emily Rose Yates

I am diabolical at admin. It's knowing your strengths. I think, and I have an admin team as part of my work so that I can do what I'm amazing at and not have to do all the rest because the rest of it drains my energy excessively invoicing, you know, all that kind of stuff. So it's knowing the things you're really good at. I also think, like in if you're in a partnership, I don't know how single mums do it. Quite, quite honestly, it blows my brain. and I dream of being able to make enough money to take all the single mums away on a retreat and have their kids looked after and just let them sleep.

00:24:12:18 - 00:24:14:06


That’s great.

00:24:15:13 - 00:24:16:09

Emily Rose Yates

If you're in a game like playing to your strengths, they're the forgotten generation. I feel like I'm like, how can we do so much more for that? They've usually faced some kind of relationship breakdown or the loss of a partner, and how they keep going. I have no concept because I find it challenging at times, and I have all the resources and an incredible husband and I think, oh my God, how are they doing it?

So playing to your strengths, I think is the key point. And knowing what like I my husband is great at a whole bunch of tasks. So he does that and I'm much better at the others. So breaking up the household in that way, I'm not really an app if I can get away from my phone, ironically because I'm showing up so much on Instagram. But if I can get away from my phone, I do try and stay away from apps. I just it's more distraction. It's more reason for me to start scrolling. I just, I do try and keep that with really strong boundaries. What else? Oh well, our monthly calendar, everything goes up, so everyone's not like what they do. That drives me crazy, repeating myself. Look at the calendar. Have you got your soccer boots? I also think early later, we're seven, nine and 12 in my children, and I realized about two years ago I wasn't giving them enough chores. And that was a real revolution for us, is getting them to do a lot more. They get a lot of self-esteem and confidence out of that. I didn't realize the gift. I thought it would mean more nagging to me, so I just did it myself. Actually get the kids to do a lot now. And they love cooking. They love, you know, it's they need prompting, but it's that what they're capable of in terms of folding a basket of washing. And I really didn't give them enough credit for. And I think that we need to outsource to our children. And that teamwork element is super important.

00:26:13:22 - 00:26:18:22


So true. I had a very similar revelation just to see which was. I was like, hang on, you guys. But it they do enjoy it. They do enjoy it.

00:26:24:16 - 00:26:25:22


We are all mums of seven and nine year old boys, too at the moment. Those chores, I think they need this so active. They need to have fun like my boys laugh at fart jokes, and they just. They just they just want to have fun. So if you can make the chores fun in some ways. So, like when we're, you know, folding some socks and whatever they like, vaulting them into the sock drawer cupboard, you know, after they've done it. So yeah. Anyway, love that you love it.

00:27:08:17 - 00:27:09:03


Emily, here at Mums and Co, we love to talk about the concept of harmony. And we define that as being a triangle of ambition, our livelihood and our well-being. I'm sure things that speak to you in the work you do as well. But could you describe the shape of a good life for you?

00:27:27:03 - 00:27:50:08

Emily Rose Yates

I'll try not to get too ‘woo’, but really what has happened for me in my life and my business, I walked a really painful journey losing my mum three years ago. It's nearly the anniversary of our passing, actually. She passed away on motor neurone disease so I was caring for her for a really long time, which that self-care message really got driven in because I'm like, mum can't survive, kids can't survive. Wow, really need to take some time out for myself. And I can find that the reasons to do that now, even more so than ever, I was dancing around self-care a little bit, kind of. It was a bit fluffy. And then I was like, well, I really need to take care of myself. So that's been a lot, but what it's helped me to do is it's bolted me back into my spiritual practices. So staying really cantered with oneself. And I find that a lot of women, lose themselves. And I think, there's a normal loss of self. And then we rebuild as we birth and have babies, but I see it's gone on for too long and they are giving out to everybody else, and there's no strong sense of self. So in terms of what keeps me peaceful and the household peaceful, because I do believe that without too much pressure, the nervous system of mum is what modulates the household. Everyone starts to pick up on that. Everyone is starting to like flare. And so if I can keep myself modulated and connecting meditation wise, connecting with who I am, what I'm here to do, and it's almost like a connection with soul, God, whatever you want to call it. It's just keeping that really strong connection is what harmonizes our home.

00:29:13:00 - 00:29:22:16


Love that. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And the last question for you today is, in the spirit of women supporting women who are the Mumbitious - So the women unapologetically blending their ambition and their motherhood that you would like to say hello to today.

00:29:31:04 - 00:29:58:10

Emily Rose Yates

Hello to all of you. Thanks for being here. Well done. I do think that having your own business is the ultimate freedom, right? We had a really, difficult winter, and I had, I think I had a child home for most of the term with three of them. And I was like, wow. If I had to go to work and I couldn't get there this many days, I would have no job. And I felt so blessed to be able to just pivot and swap a few patients so that I could get them to the doctor so that I can do what they need to do and show up for my family by having my own business. And I want to say, well done, keep going. It's the ultimate freedom. And, we are completely in empowered rather than in control, but empowered in those choices that we make for ourselves and our family. And I think that it's super exciting. The online world now, there's so much opportunity to make loads and loads of money in this space, for all of us.

00:30:37:02 - 00:30:39:14


Love that. Great call to action.

00:30:41:02 - 00:30:50:15


Thanks so much for joining us on Mumbition the podcast by moms and Co. If you'd like to connect with Emily, you'll find her on our mums and Co member directory on the member platform.

00:30:51:13 - 00:30:59:08


And if you haven't already, join the thousands of business owning women just like you. Join us at mumsandco.com.au. We have membership tiers to suit women at all stages of business and motherhood. And if you enjoyed today's podcasts, please rate and review us. Lucy and I love reading your reviews and your feedback. It also means that more women in business can be supported and they can tap into these ambitious stories to inspire and inform them.