How to use PR to become "Googlicious"

How to use PR to become "Googlicious"

Date and time

13 August 2024
10:00AM - 11:00AM


Hosted by Annette Densham

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Who is Annette Densham? 

With over 30 years in media, corporate communications and public relations, Annette loves nothing more than asking lots of questions to uncover the incredible stories out there. These days, she taps into these stories to help entrepreneurs and business people build strong, engaging public profiles using business awards and strategic PR plans. Together with her partner in shine at The Audacious Agency, Annette works hard, dropping tasty storytelling breadcrumbs that help clients connect with their audience and build powerful social proof.

What is this workshop about? 

Explore the different facets of PR, from media releases, article writing, social media groups, awards and publishing, to position yourself as the go-to person in your space, and become more visible. Why content is your most powerful too to drop powerful breadcrumbs leading back to you and stop being the best kept secret.

Who is this for?

This event is for all business owners, no matter what stage of business you’re in.

Anything else I need to know?

We’re hosting this event on Teams, so it’s easy for you to attend during your break no matter where you’re located in Australia. For cancellation Terms and Conditions please visit  here.

Did you know you can have a 1:1 expert session about your business with this expert?

Annette Densham

Founder The Audacious Agency

How to use PR to become "Googlicious"

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How to use PR to become "Googlicious"

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