What you need to know to safeguard your IP and get paid

What you need to know to safeguard your IP and get paid

Date and time

15 November 2023
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM



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Who is Emma Heuston?

Emma is a lawyer, entrepreneur and writer, passionate about online business and digital products. As Founder and Director of the virtual law firm, Ready to Boss legal, Emma uses her 22 years of experience in the law to provide women online business owners with access to the legal and mentoring help they need. Emma really knows her way around the entrepreneurial scene and understands what it takes to build an online brand and how to help women to get Ready to Boss in their business, whilst navigating motherhood and life. Read more about Emma here: https://app.mumsandco.com.au/get-advice

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop you will have direct access to Emma Heuston, Founder of Ready to Boss Legal to learn about how to protect your brand and your business.

What will I take away?

In this workshop Emma will help you to:

1. Identify the areas of your business you need to think about to guard against legal risk;

2. Work out what you need in place to protect you (you may not all the things, so it is a great chance to get specific advice from a lawyer about what you can do and what you may not need to do); and

3. Put together an action plan to get that legal protection sorted.

Who is this for?

This event is for all business owners, no matter what stage of business you’re in. Emma will kick-off the session with a 10 minute introduction before inviting you to share your biggest challenges. Please bring a list of your most pertinent questions and we’ll co-create solutions.

Anything else I need to know?

We’re hosting this event on Teams, so it’s easy for you to attend during your break no matter where you’re located in Australia. For cancellation Terms and Conditions please visit https://www.mumsandco.com.au/membership-terms-and-conditions

Did you know you can have a 1:1 expert session about your business with this expert?

Emma Heuston

Founder Ready To Boss Legal

What you need to know to safeguard your IP and get paid

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What you need to know to safeguard your IP and get paid

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