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Fay is a Certified Clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner and Mentor for certifying students at EFT Universe. She works with both adults and children to alleviate angst, physical sensations caused by anxiety and stress. Removing subconscious blocks and allowing freedom and ease to create new possibilities and results.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most? And what is your answer?

Q: How do I rewire myself with tapping?

A: You don't. Self-tapping (i.e. by yourself, with a video or with a script), is at best insightful, but it's mainly good for self-regulation. A transformation isn't going to magically reveal itself. Insightful thoughts, yes. Discharge of emotions, yes. A temporary reframe, temporary, yes. It allows you to move on which is great! BUT, a revelation and unhinging of an emotional anchor, or shifting a major disbelief, neutralising a traumatic event? No. EFT is an extraordinary modality, but if you do some self-tapping and don't get the "expected" shift you're hoping for, whoever sold you that it does, is discrediting the miraculous craft and this technique.

Remember, self-tapping is great for self-regulation, it is great for stress management. But don't expect a transformation. I'm not saying it can't happen. I'm saying don't expect it as it's very unlikely. When you're self-tapping, you're too close to see the trees from the forest. Let alone knowing how to catch yourself facilitating fleeting statements, flashes of memories, or unravelling a traumatic reaction.

Even I only self-tap to regulate, to meditate. I notate thoughts which arise, and it's my topic to work on in my next tapping session with a practitioner. I have my own sessions with a fellow practitioner fortnightly.

List 3 key takeaways of working with Fay:

1. You will learn how to tap

2. You will learn prompts to help you uncover greater self-awareness

3. You will feel a greater sense of clarity and emotional ease

List your achievements:

a. Left my corporate job back in 2005 to pursue my passion, even when I didn't know what it was back then. I took the courageous leap of faith. It's been the best move I could have ever made for myself.

b. Having only been a certified practitioner for 2 years, I was requested to become a Mentor for certifying students at EFT Universe.

c. Found a partner (now husband) in my mid-30's, who was definitely not-predictable-partner according to my upbringing and cultural programming. I commend myself for the commitment it takes to stand for what's possible.

d. All my client reviews, and clients I've worked with. The monumental shifts I've facilitated. This is the stuff life and making a difference is made of. I am super proud of my work.

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