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Kate Christie is a Time Investment specialist, global speaker, best-selling author of four books, and a sought after media commentator. As a leading voice on productivity, goal setting and designing your best life, Kate will help you completely change your relationship with time. Kate is an Opinion Columnist for CEOWorldMagazine, the Time Management expert for Kochie’s Business Builders and has featured in The Daily Edition, SBS News, the ABC Pineapple Project, The Age as well as on radio, podcasts and in print media. Kate is in the business of helping you find time. Lots of time.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most? What is your answer?

What one thing can I do to manage my time better? My answer - stop thinking about time as something you need to manage. We can’t ‘manage’ time. Your time is a limited and very precious resource and so, just like your money, it needs to be ‘invested’ for the greatest possible return.

When you work with Kate, you will get 3 very clear takeaways:

  1. How to Plan to set yourself and your business up for huge success
  2. How to Control the agenda so you have the time to identify your life goals and the strategies to absolutely smash those goals out
  3. What tasks to Focus on and when so that you maximise all of your time

Areas of Expertise:

Productivity/ Time Management: are specific work habits, behaviour or issues frustrating you and costing you big time (for example: interruptions; focus and control over your day; deciding on priorities; procrastination; diary management; email management etc)

Business Coaching - do you have a specific business issue you would like to work through (for example: your 1-5 year plan/ priorities; mapping processes; planning your deliverables; building your profile; brand management; having challenging conversations; winning business; planning partnerships; building teams; identifying your niche; building an avatar; developing your pitch etc)

Key achievements:

  • Time Management Expert of the Year: AI 2020 Influential Businesswomen Winner
  • Opinion Columnist CEOWorldMagazine
  • Opinion Columnist Flying Solo
  • Time Management Export Kochie’s Business Builders
  • International best selling author
  • Advisory Board Member Sole
  • Former Advisory Board Member Caia
  • Partner/ Pro Bono expert Share The Dignity

Expertise in

  • Strategic plan
  • Confidence
  • Establish governance structures
  • Exit a business
  • Goal setting
  • Running a business as a single parent
  • Leadership and team management
  • Start a business
  • Business Case
  • Launch new product/service
  • Community building
  • Customer conversion
  • Business Idea Validation
  • Productivity
  • Create a pitch and pitch deck
  • Become an industry expert

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Expert Testimonials

I attended an expert session with Kate, and her presentation was wonderful. Very generous with her knowledge and wisdom, and she shared a really valuable framework for setting goals and setting yourself up to be actually able to achieve them. Thanks so much!

Bronwyn Chompff-Gliddon

Kate has the amazing ability to take you on a journey to create life goals that are totally aligned with what you value most in life. I really enjoyed the workshop, and greatly appreciate Kate's warmth and vulnerability.

Linda Karkafi

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