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Laura Campbell

Founder Hackerlily


Laura Campbell is a business growth consultant, mentor and founder of the award winning e-commerce brand, Hackerlily. She is passionate about building purposeful brands, communities and partnerships. As a mum with 2 kids under 4, Laura is constantly trialling and testing business growth hacks that make the biggest impact, with the smallest budget and bandwidth.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most? And what is your answer?

Q: How did you secure so much media exposure for Hackerlily?

A: It didn’t just happen by chance. I was very strategic about where I focussed my efforts in the lead up to launch. I nurtured a supportive group of 3000+ followers over 1.5 years leading up to launch. Joined supportive communities like Mums & Co and harnessed the advice of experts. Submitted to awards…and won! Onboarded 10+ brand ambassadors and secured a wealth of UGC content and genuine reviews to build credibility.

List 3 key takeaways of working with you:

1. You will gain real world feedback and/or validation on your challenge or goal

2. Confidence to take that next step, even if it may be messy. This is about progress not perfection

3. Renewed energy, positivity and enthusiasm for your business - you HAVE got what it takes to be successful

List your achievements:

A. Award Winning Product created from scratch

B. Media Exposure on 7News, 9News, 9Honey, Kidspot, Bounty Parents and more

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