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Matthew Henry

Commercial Underwriting Specialist IAG


Matt has spent his entire seventeen-year insurance career with IAG as a commercial underwriter. He has a keen ability to combine his expertise in product and underwriting, with a passion for coaching and sharing his knowledge through training, development and capability uplift initiatives.

What is the #1 question Matt gets asked the most? And what is the answer?

Q: What does an underwriter do?

A: “Underwriters are the guardians of risk. We evaluate risk and decide if it is something we can insure, what the exposures are, whether we can price it and make money and we make a balanced decision to accept, mitigate or decline the risk. Our world is always grey ... never black or white and NEVER boring.”

When you work with Matt you will come away with at least 3 key takeaways:

1. Matt is passionate about his role, and he can tailor his coaching and development training, to the audience,

with an understanding that everyone learns differently.

2. The easiest way to learn about insurance, is to share it through a story or example that real life people can

relate to. This provides clarity and understanding.

3. I may not have the answer, but I will either find it and get back to you, or I will show you where you can

find it.

What are your key achievements?

A. ANZIIF Insurance Certificate Tier-1 Advise and Consent: Personal Advice

B. IAG Certified Workplace Trainer 2010-2023

C. Managed SME Direct Capability and License Level Uplift Program 2017-2023

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