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Melissa Daniels

Founder Meld Communications


Mel Daniels is a Content Strategy & Creation Specialist. Her purpose is to teach and empower women who want more from their business on how to use content in a genuine way, to become more visible and inspired to take their business to the next level.

What is the #1 question you get asked the most? And what is your answers

How do you create content that converts?

Content is how we move our ideal client through a journey with us. They first connect with us, then subscribe to our email list, we nurture them and then they convert. So, content that converts isn’t about a secret magic formula, it’s understanding that there are 3 other phases that your ideal clients need to go through first before they’re willing to buy from you. Creating powerful content that meets them where they are in the journey is the key to conversion.

List 3 key takeaways of working with you:

1. Create stand out content that connects, nurtures and converts

2. Feel inspired and motivated to build an aligned audience who love you and are ready to buy from you

3. Increase your visibility to become known as the go-to expert

List your achievements:

a. Host of The Powerful Content Podcast

b. Founder of The Content Effect

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