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5 Tips For Creating An Amazing Home Office

How to make your home office work without spending a fortune

3 minutes

1. Be Realistic & Practical

Those hours spent on Pinterest, poring over design inspiration for funky, office ideas and quirky spaces at home may make you smile and fill up at least a few pinboards with all kinds of colourful ideas – but will it really work for your home office without spending a fortune?

Don’t forget to be practical and create space that actually helps you do what you do more easily – in a way that is strategic, streamlined and smart.

Unless you’re lucky enough to occupy a mansion, most home office designs have to have a strong consideration of available space and flexibility (you may be using your guest room as a part time working space), with smart storage, work flow and the ability to focus on your work at the forefront of your home office success.

Image of woman working on kitchen table with baby in high chair.
Is it time to move your work off the kitchen table?

2. Take Ergonomics Seriously

Those offices in chic design magazines might look stunning but, chances are they are not set up with the reality of a multi-hour working week in mind.

That quirky looking vintage desk or kitchen table looks fabulous – but will it really have the space you need for your computer? And that brightly upholstered dining chair might really add a splash of beauty to your corner of the house – but will it be good for your back if you’re sitting in it for 8-plus hours a day, five days a week? Maybe it's better off in the living room?

For effective home office space, out function first and visual appeal second. Bring in the comfortable office chair to your home work environment. Luckily retailers like Ikea have great looking desk chairs at an affordable price.

Image of trendy desk space with stool.
That stool may look stylish in the photo but how comfy will it be after 8 hours?

3. Let There Be Light

If you’ve left the corporate world in the name of freedom, the last thing you want to do is recreate the poky corporate cubicle at your home office area.

If you can move your desk near a window, do it. Natural light is great for productivity – and your mood. Just make sure you place it parallel to the window, to help your focus on the computer screen, while still giving you the opportunity to look out the window for inspiration.

Don’t forget a good lamp. On a wintry afternoon, or after-hours, even the most light-bathed space needs some added help, if you don't have space on your desk in your office setup consider a floor lamp. Long term it will make a positive difference to your remote working.

4. Storage Matters

Big bookshelves can be great for home office storage but if your office is all about filing paperwork, invest in a purpose- specific filing cabinet that puts everything at your fingertips, easily.

Keep stationery supplies tucked away neatly so they’re easy to find and try to create a place for everything to avoid the confusion of a messy desk.

5. Comfy Space For You

For the ultimate in productivity, creating s space to relax and think in comfort is critical. In the confines of a home office space, room for a comfy chair with a colourful throw rug or cushions, plus a side table for your coffee, is a great space for coming up with ideas – and allowing yourself some much-needed down time between deadlines.

Adding some greenery adds a touch of life to your space – just remember to look after that pot plant, rather than destroy it.

Image of house plants in hanging baskets.
House plants bring life to your workspace

When it comes to office equipment, make sure you don’t get carried away. That expensive printer might seem like a good idea but if it makes your space cluttered, consider a smaller printer to give you more room to move comfortably.

By creating a clear office space you’re proud to work in, you’re helping establishing a territory that is important to you – and the success of your business.

If you share living space with a family, the set-up of your professional office space is a sign to them that you really do mean business.

Don’t let them make it a place where they hang out – keep it to yourself and keep it clean!

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