5 Ways To Delight Your Customers

Customers are our reason for being business owners. Without customers, we have no business.

Customers are our reason for being business owners. Without customers, we have no business.When you get it right, delivering fantastic customer service can be the difference that make a great business even better.

We asked Customer Service Award-winning business owner, Katrina McCarter, from Marketing to Mums and Bubbler.com.au to share her top 5 tips for customer service success.

1. Be Engaged

Your customers want to interact with your business – some more than others. If you haven’t already done so, set up social media business pages on platforms where your customers hang out and start posting appealing, engaging content that is relevant to their needs. Social media allows your customers to speak with you about issues that are relevant to them and allows them to provide you with invaluable feedback. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn more about your customer base to help you tailor your product or service more appropriately.

A word of warning. Social media is also one of the first places a customer will raise issues they are experiencing, so it’s important you have the time to manage your pages and promptly address issues as they arise. Other customers will watch how you manage issues and create amicable solutions. Don’t delete negative comments but use them to show other prospective clients how you operate when things don’t go to plan.

2. Be Responsive

In any business, problems arise. It’s important that you are responsive and timely in your response. Customers want to see action. Many issues can be avoided by making contact as soon as a complaint is received - acknowledging the customer’s concerns and reassuring them that you will investigate the issue and provide guidance to a resolution. Prompt response to customers extends beyond complaints and you really need to be responsive to all contact made by an existing customer or prospective customers.

I would also stress the importance of delivering on what you say you are going to do to settle any issues! Your efforts in being responsive are quickly diminished if you fail to deliver. Make your commitments to customers achievable and ensure you deliver on promises and, when you can’t, get in touch and provide reasonable reasons why you cannot deliver as originally planned.

3. Be Relevant

Do you really know what your customers want? Do you understand who your ideal customer is and the problems they face? These insights will ensure you remain relevant. Research your existing customer base and get a crystal clear snapshot to ensure your perceived “ideal customer” is confirmed through your research outcomes. All decisions made in your business should revolve around this ideal customer base. By being clear about your customer base, you’ll remain relevant and create better and longer-lasting business relationships.

4. Be Extraordinary

Do something unexpected. Go the extra mile every time. It will pay you back in droves. Give extraordinary service and people will flock to you and remain loyal customers. They will hear about your business from your loyal fans. They will be your best form of advertising. This might be as simple as including a handwritten ‘thank you’ note with each order or exceeding your delivery timeframe. Think about ways you can be extraordinary in your business.

5. Be Respectful

It’s incredibly important to put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Be respectful of their time and how and when you communicate with them. For example, if your mum clients have primary school-aged children, it makes sense not to contact them during meal times or when they might be getting kids to bed. Choosing a time that suits their lifestyle will provide a greater chance of getting a better response from your customers and they are more likely to engage with you. 

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Katrina McCarter is the Founder of Marketing to Mums. She is a marketing strategist who specialises in helping businesses sell more to Australia’s most powerful consumer, mums. Katrina has won awards for Best Customer Service, Best Social Media and Best Boss and featured on Today Tonight, Channel 7 News, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

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