7 Tips on Building An Online Business

Welcome to the modern way to do business, some easy steps on how to build your online business.

Welcome to the modern way to do business – without ever leaving your desk

Running your business virtually can help you do business in the international market – even while you are on holidays. Try these tips and strategies for building your business virtually online.

1. Blog

If you’re not already doing it, the good news is that it’s never too late to begin. Sure, online businesses might be booming but the fact remains that people still like to do business with people and creating a blog adds a human connection to your brand.

To make your blog effective, make sure it is free from typos, sloppy spelling and bad grammar. Investing in a professional copywriter or proofreader is a must.

Above all, be consistent. If you want to blog monthly, just do it. But just stick at it. Weekly blogging is much more effective for brilliant engagement with your clients and potential clients – but not if you start doing it weekly and only last a few weeks before dropping back and giving up. Nothing says ‘poor effort’ more than a ‘weekly’ blog that is not really weekly.

Get help with an online 1:1 expert advice session
Get help for your business with a 1:1 Expert Advice Session

2. Personal Branding Matters

Video marketing, blogs and podcasts all put the power of personal branding at the forefront of your business.

Today’s technology puts video capability in the palm of your hands and a little planning can make it look quite professional without spending a fortune. Make sure you are on your brands most aligned video platform now - it could be Instagram TV, Facebook Live or YouTube. Pack your videos with short, sharp and sweet messaging that stays on track and aligns with your brand. Don’t forget the call to action – telling viewers what you want them to do next (visit your website, pick up the phone, send an email, share the video, etc).

3. Connect With Your Community

Building a following is an important part of any successful business. Engage with your community and make them feel special. If they comment on your social media posts, thank them. Genuine appreciation builds positive relationships and great business is all about relationships.

4. Survey Your Audience

Got a new idea? Ask your audience! This is market research at its finest and by engaging with them and thanking them for their opinions, they will feel even more connected to your brand. Online business doesn’t need to mean soul-less business. Any way you can stay connected and communicating with your audience is a positive.

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5. Plan Everything

Planning in business is critical and this also extends to your marketing message. Be original and authentic and plan your marketing strategy to tie in with your brand values, timely industry triggers and your own business goals.

6. Be authentic

The most critical ingredient in any successful engagement? Authenticity. Be genuine. Be real. Be human and be on-brand. If your audience come to understand who you are, they will feel more comfortable about their own connection to your business services or products – and more likely to talk about them to other people too.

Building an online business takes away the human element so success will come by making sure your customers still feel connected to something true and honest.

7. Use a Virtual Assistant to Help You

You’re running your business in the online world and asking your clients to trust your systems and processes – so why not use a virtual assistant to help you stay on track and streamline your processes for maximum efficiency? Virtual assistants can be a cost-effective way to build business, without the need for expensive office space that houses real world employees. Identify what gaps you have in your business knowledge and choose a virtual assistant who fills that gap (perhaps an expert in social media marketing to take over the management of your Facebook business page, or an admin assistant who can help manage your database and client communications).

Going virtual means you can work from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night – and that means freedom.

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