Be MPowered: Meet The Speakers - Turia Pitt

Meet the Be MPowered speakers for 2021 - Turia Pitt!

3 minutes

Meet the 2021 Be MPowered Speakers. Turia Pitt is a Mindset Coach, Athlete and Humanitarian, Turia Pitt is one of Australia's most admired and widely recognised people. She is living proof that with the right mindset we can achieve anything. Turia founded Spend With Them, an Instagram account and online community supporting Australia bushfire-affected communities. 

We’re so glad to introduce you to our active community of business mums so they get to know our Be MPowered speakers and workshop presenters better, we will publish an article about you on the Insight Article section of our website. Here are a few light-hearted questions to help our audience get to know you. 

Please answer at least 6 of the questions below. You can treat it as a conversation, usually what comes to mind first is great, there’s no need to overthink your responses as we love candid views. Answering the questions will help create content to promote the MPowered conference and will allow our attendees to get to know you before the big day.

Tell us a bit about your business

I make and do cool stuff that makes people happier.

What is it that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

Ha ha ha my kids get me up, I don’t have any choice in the matter!

What makes you an expert in your field?

Am I an expert? 😂

How do you harmonise your ambition, livelihood and wellbeing?

To be honest I don’t sometimes I find its a delicately balanced chaos.

What advice would you give anyone starting a small business?

Have a one page document outlining very specifically what it is your trying to do, have a plan.

How do you relax when you are not working?


Give us an interesting fact about you that not many people know.

I used to do Taekwondo as a kid.

What is your favourite productivity hack?

Do the worst first.

What are you a superstar at?


What do you suck at doing?

Making small talk, I find it awkward.

What are you currently bingeing on Netflix?

Janet King.

You can follow Turia at:


Instagram: @turiapitt



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