How to develop a new product

Kristy Chong from underwear company Modibodi shares her product development journey.

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Modibodi is underwear with a difference. The high tech fibres used to make this range absorb sweat, blood, urine and breast milk so that wearers can rest assured that they are not leaking. What a relief!

Kristy Chong created this product from scratch. Read on to find out how she did it.

How Modibodi develop a new product

Once you had the idea for your product, how did you go about developing the prototype?

I started researching fibres and fabrics, along with styles that other brands sold in standard underwear. Then worked on what was missing. It took about 18 months of scientifically testing and prototyping to develop the patented Modifier Technology that is found in the Modibodi range of product. I worked with scientists and textile designers in Australia.

Once you had the prototype, did you need to get funding?

Modibodi is self-funded and I used my own finances to fund the prototype and launch collection. 

How did you find the right suppliers/manufacturers?

It was a matter of researching fabric and textile scientists along with technologists in Australia and internationally. Finding the right manufacturers was and still is very important due to the unique and specialist nature of our product range. 

Did you set up the sales channels and marketing before you put the product into production? 

Marketing and sales distribution (being our website) was planned and executed in line with production. This assisted in building brand presence and an online destination to purchase Modibodi. 

Does consumer feedback play a big part in what your design and produce now?

Modibodi and RED by Modibodi are both customer-centric brands. The customer is always at the heart of our business and product innovation. We are in regular contact with our customers asking them what they would like to see in our collections, what styles do they want to see in collections and what other products we could offer them. We will produce samples and have our VIPs trial the products to give us real-time customer experience feedback that helps us create the best product we can offer.

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