How to Master the art of Micro-Influencer Marketing and Networking with Christie Nicholas

In this interview, we sat down to chat with entrepreneur and Founder Christie Nicholas as she shares her journey of business expansion, emphasising the power of networking and micro-influencer marketing. Her experiences offer valuable lessons for those navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

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Christie, I know a lot of women in business know about you, but for those that don't, please give us your, best pitch and, tell us a little bit about your journey so far.
Mumpower fast tracks growth for brands that speak to mums. And we do this with our blue chip growth marketing solutions, which are a whole mix of market research, influencer marketing and events, user generated content, and product reviews, and they're all designed to get millions of mums to be more empowered to know, like trust and buy your products. So ultimately we are brand silver bullet.

We know that Mumpower runs the Australia's premier and most established influencer marketing event. What have you learnt about networking for business, and perhaps what's a tip you could share with us in the context of a networking, to make the most of a networking opportunity?

The way I see it is that you have to remember we're all people. Sometimes the concept of networking, you can be fearful. I was networking for the past two days, and I remember walking towards entering a room, thinking there's going to be 200 other business owners there. I did feel a little bit scared, and it did feel a little bit daunting. I think that feeling is normal, but the tipis to remember that we're all people, and everybody has probably got similar experiences. Find a friendly face break the ice with someone, ask them about themselves, maybe you’ve got shared interests. You're both there for the same thing. So immediately find something to chat about, and then think about how can you learn about them. Nobody wants to go there and hear about how amazing another person is, and if they're trying to sell their services. Be genuinely curious and think what value can you give to them? Or what can you learn from them by asking them questions? So that takes the pressure of the whole concept of networking. And it's really simply about learning about others being inspired and, opening doors. You never know where that could lead.

How do you describe your relationship to risk? Has that changed over the years?  Are there any sort of systems or processes that you put in place to manage that risk?
I love the concept of risk. It excites me. If it was up to me and my entrepreneurial impulses, I would be going for gold with more risk. But the reality is, not all risks are a good thing. I have got two grounding forces around me that when I'm tempted, and I've got this big picture idea and I thought, I know what we could do it, of course it would change everything. I run it by these two grounding forces, and they'll throw a few logical questions my way. And yes, in a one way they burst my bubble. If I can't answer it, then I know that there's flaws in the risks that I want to take. That's really helpful to counteract. You've got to take risks to grow like that. It takes some chances. Not everything you're going to do is going to be successful. No chance. I like the concept of failing forward, or failing your way to success. And that's obviously through risk. That's a great combination, but then the other thing is sometimes I get these risks right. So, it's still good to explore your risks and have a sounding board to say if you've got any gaps.

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