Member Profile: Lauren Adlam, CEO and Founder of Zown

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Tell us about you
I’m a mum of 4 tweens and teens and a passionate advocate for Generation Alpha and providing them hope for the future.  Through Zown and consulting to companies, I am striving to connect Gen Alpha with older generations so they can understand each other and nurture the youngest (and biggest) generation to thrive. 

Describe your biz in a sentence
Zown is a media platform for Gen Alpha all about positivity and resources to help them thrive. 

Tell us how your business came to be
As a mum of 4 I have a front row seat to witness how different life is for tweens and teens now compared to their parents. I wanted to create a product that focussed on positivity and all that is GOOD in this world to give hope for the future and to allow tweens and teens to thrive not just survive. 

Describe a time when you took a risk - how did it work out for you?
My biggest risk has been undertaking Zown - throwing myself in emotionally and financially to create a new app product to help the mental wellbeing of tweens and teens. Home learning through Covid saw it take a bit of a back seat but hindsight is a wonderful thing and I’m glad it took a bit longer, as we have finessed the product a lot - and continue to do so as it grows.

What are three things you need help with at the moment?

1.  A broader network both for the app in terms of downloads and testing and access to selected businesses who are curious about Generation Alpha and keen to understand and work with them now for the benefit of all in the future.  

2. I’d love to interview businesses on their Gen Alpha awareness and strategies. 

3. I’d also love to recruit 1-2 staff to help take on the physical and mental load (although need to justify by earning $ first!). 

What’s one thing you know that will benefit our audience? 

Let them know that Generation Alpha are awesome!  The first generation that are fully digitally connected, they are also worldly, compassionate, inclusive and understanding. They are the biggest generation we will ever see (2 billion!) and by 2030 (only 6 years away) they will make up 11% of the global workforce - so they are IMPORTANT!  Instead of shaking our heads at them and thinking they are screen (and skin care!) addicted, let’s nurture them for their own futures and the future of the planet!

What does your typical day look like?
Every day is different - juggling the needs of 4 kids (still my priority), I always make sure I exercise first thing, throw on a load of washing and fold the one from day before, then it’s kids breakfast and lunches - kids out the door, house re-set and then tackle emails, plan my day…. It’s usually mix of meetings with my developers (app development is always happening - we have big plans!), meetings with potential partners, keeping across my other job and charity commitments.  Every day is different but every day is busy! 

Tell us about your business in under 30 words?  
A positive online platform for kids to make them feel good about the world and their place in it. 

What projects are coming up next?  
We have just launched our digital buddy Zed - an AI generated chat buddy - who is always available to talk, and to role model how to do things in the real world.  Zed has no age, no gender and absolutely no judgement! Zed is trained to be positive and kid focussed 100% of the time.  Coming up next is our Premium Subscription ($3.99 / month) which will give unlimited chat with Zed and a heap of additional features including tools for creating content and priority access to competitions. 

How do you maintain your motivation? 
I passionately believe that kids need Zown.  They need to know all that is good out there!  And I also don’t like to fail!

What has been one of your best business calls/decisions to date? 
To appoint app developers based in Sydney rather than overseas.  Offshore would have been more cost effective but I doubt I would have formed the same level of relationship with them and being able to communicate in the same time zone as well as meeting face to face has been invaluable. 

What is something about running your business that you wish you had been told sooner?  
That it’s a lonely pursuit!  

What’s your approach on ‘the juggle’?  
I just try to get it all done.  I do love a to-do list and I’ve taken to putting everything on that list - stuff with the kids, going to the gym - it’s all things I need to get done and it’s great ticking things off!  I also try to designate 3 things each day as Most Important Tasks (MITs) just so I don’t spend all my time on the fun small things that are easy to tick off! 

How would you describe your family life?  
Busy but beautiful!  4 busy kids playing multiple sports and with healthy social lives is a lot to factor in but I wouldn’t change it! Our house is loud and busy and often messy - but that’s great!

What do you think is your most transferable skill between motherhood and business?
Motherhood is what gave me the passion to create Zown.  No corporate experience would have lit that fire in my belly.  Motherhood has also made me the ultimate multi tasker which is definitely helpful when starting a business where you have to be across all areas of the business. 

How would we find you spending your weekends?
In the car or of the side of a cricket, rugby, AFL or basketball court / a sports field.

If we looked through your bookmarks what would we find? 

A heap of parenting sites that I admire / want to refer to / want to reach out to. 

What’s a service you can’t live without? 


If you could be introduced to anyone who would it be? 
The person / people who are going to help me take Zown to the next level!  

What’s the best part of being part of the Mums & Co community?  
I’ll admit I haven’t fully immersed myself in the Mums & Co community but it is great to know that there are other passionate, like-minded mumpreneurs also doing the juggle! 

How has Mums & Co helped you? 

By providing a platform to connect with other Mums & Co members as well as a library of helpful resources