What you prioritise is nobody else's business

What you prioritise is nobody else's business

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What you prioritise is nobody else's business - with Jodi Geddes of Circle In

After both Jodi Geddes and Kate Pollard experienced a feeling of isolation, being misunderstood and overwhelm when it came to returning to work, they knew it was time to change the narrative. It was through this shared experience that Circle In was created.

This mumbitious pair each day strive to address the concerns of parents in the corporate world. Now a globally recognised company, was created to help support working parents in the corporate world.

What is one thing that you wish all businesswomen would do with their voice?

Learning to stop saying yes to everything. There is a point there where you feel compelled to say yes to almost everything. As time goes by you will get better at prioritising and being a lot more precious with your time. It's about prioritisation and not being afraid to say no.

Can you please share your pitch with us?

Circle In works with progressive organisations globally to better support their working parents and caregivers. This is done by developing a customized platform that supports parents and caregivers at every life stage with practical support, inspiration and expert advice to really better navigate through parenthood and having a career. Circle In are currently working with over 70 progressive organizations globally.

How do you protect yourself from business risk?

I think first and foremost, you can't be a successful founder unless you have an appetite for risk. You have to be ok with taking risks. However, it is about taking calculated risks. It's about not being afraid to jump in and make decisions and move quickly.

What is the most important tip in that path to growing a business alongside a partner?

Firstly, ensure that your values are aligned and be very, very clear from the outset as to the kind of business you want to build. Secondly, it’s important to have a shared vision. Lastly, and one of the most important things is to have a similar work ethic. It’s really important that you have values, vision and work ethic all aligned.

Want to know more about how Jodi Geddes has accepted that different  areas of her life will need to be prioritised over others at certain times?

Do you feel conflicted about the areas of your life that prioritise? Is work-life balance a concept that you feel is unattainable? Are you constantly being pulled in multiple directions without any give?


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