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Episode 8: Tap into the power of your voice

Lisa Lockland-Bell

Vocal Coach

February 18, 2022
It's not every day you get to meet a classically trained and globally renowned opera singer. This week’s guest on episode eight of Mumbition The Podcast, has stepped off the stage and into your earbuds with some searing, practical tips on how women can perfect their pitch performance.Lisa is a vocal master who ensures thought-leaders add value to every conversation and loves helping women tap into the power of their voice. Lisa chats with Carrie and Lucy about how women like you can learn to use your voice with gravitas and confidence and how you can use the tone of your voice to make or break an interaction.If 2022 is your year to be heard and turn up the volume on staying true to yourself, tune in now to this most artistic, skilled and passionate episode of Mumbition yet.Why should your introduction inflection head down? What is your internal voice? How can you make sure you are heard? Listen to the episode now to find out!


Lisa Lockland-Bell


Simone Young

Confident Pitching For Business Women Course - Lisa's module


Produced & Edited by - Morgan Brown
Interviewers - Carrie Kwan and Lucy Kippist
Guest - Lisa Lockland-Bell

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Episode 8 Transcript

00:00:00:08 - 00:00:28:12
Carrie Kwan
Hi. Welcome to Mumbition, the podcast for business owning women by Mums & Co. Where we share inspiring stories of Australian mums in business. I'm Carrie Kwan, the co founder of Mums& Co. And I will be joined each week by our community manager, Lucy Kippist. Together, we'll discuss how our guests harmonised their ambition, livelihood and wellbeing. Let's get into the inspiring stories now. In the spirit of reconciliation, Mums & Co acknowledges the traditional custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community.We pay our respects to elders past and present, and extend that respect to all aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

00:01:10:17 - 00:01:34:02
Lucy Kippist
As you've been listening to our conversations with business owning women across Australia, you will have gathered what a life harmonizing ambition, livelihood and well-being looks like. But what does it sound like? It's not every day you get to meet a classically trained and globally renowned opera singer, and today's guest has stepped off the stage and into our hot singing praise and searing practical tips for how women can perfect the pitch performance.

00:01:41:02 - 00:02:00:14
Carrie Kwan
Let's see in my ten years experience pitching, I've not come across unique and powerful insights. As shared by Lisa. Lisa Lockland-Bell is the founder of Lisa Lockland-Bell Vocal Studio, a business she has run with her co, her husband and has done for more than six years as a voice coach. Lisa is one of the experts whos hared her expertise in the Mums & Co confident pitching for Business Women course, which you can find on the Mums& Co website.

00:02:09:24 - 00:02:15:08
Lucy Kippist
Now, it sounds like in discovering our voices, we may also discover more about ourselves.

00:02:15:15 - 00:02:20:18
Carrie Kwan
Yeah, we're in for a realtreat, Lucy. Welcome to the Mumbition podcast. Lisa.

00:02:21:03 - 00:02:25:19
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Thank you for having me. It's an absolute privilege to be here with you, gorgeous ladies today.

00:02:25:23 - 00:02:41:08
Carrie Kwan
Now, normally we ask our guests to pitch straight away, but I feel that given your expertise in voice and that we will be talking for the next 20minutes or so, I should ask for the one thing that you wish all business women would do with their voice.

00:02:41:11 - 00:03:00:07
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Great question. And there is one standard answer, and that is that they get their inflections the right way. So when they introduce themselves and say their name to introduce it with gravitas and to make sure that they've got a downward inflection and not an upward inflection. So for example, let's say good morning, my name is Lisa Lockland-Bell, and I learned that with a downward inflection, it's a statement that's ownership. And to make sure that I don't say good morning, my name is LisaLockland-Bell. And to have that upward inflection at the end, that is my number one tip to everybody.

00:03:21:00 - 00:03:22:07
Lucy Kippist
Oh, I'm really freaking out.

00:03:24:20 - 00:03:43:00
Carrie Kwan
Not everyone loves listening to their voice, but we've had the opportunity to do that. And you find yourself, you know, doing exactly that sometimes. So it's a really interesting awareness piece. I think that from our discussions, certainly during the pitch course, we found that women actually do tend to have that inflection. So why don't we get a true example of how we should be introducing ourselves? I'd love to hear your pitch,Lisa.

00:03:51:21 - 00:04:19:10
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Sure. No pressure. So after studying the physical voice for more than 40 years because I wanted to become a grand opera diva and then studying the internal voice for more than 25 years, the very thing that had kept me alive after having cancer was the connection to my internal voice. I can honestly say that I know what it feels like to have a voice that isn't heard, and there's nothing worse for a human being to feel disconnected and unheard. So I put my two worlds together, my internal voice and my physical voice, and created a program to help women to speak with confidence and gravitas in every situation.

00:04:45:10 - 00:04:56:21
Carrie Kwan
Thank you for that beautiful pitch, and that was a really beautiful way to share your story. It's all about that emotional connection. I'd love to hear. Also, what do you love most about your business right now?

00:04:57:03 - 00:05:21:11
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Right now, I really do think that it has proven itself through the test of time and the fact that I've never had a normal job. I've always, you know, when I was going through the conservatorium and then I went on and started coaching, I've always worked for myself and certainly that my business has put my children through school and now they're grown up. And so I'm really proud of the fact that I have been able to grow it to a point that is sustainable and growing, which is exciting.

00:05:32:10 - 00:05:48:05
Carrie Kwan
So much effort and love and care into that, and congratulations on achieving that so far. And I know you've got some exciting plans ahead as well.Now you run your business with your husband and husbands are certainly part of the Co in Mums & Co. It's that community of support around us. I'd love to hear about your co and how they support you.

00:05:54:12 - 00:06:16:18
Lisa Lockland-Bell
My Co is always growing and expanding. And you know, the word Co really came into my life when I was going through having cancer treatment, and I really understood the importance of a team of people with you and some of those people still stay with me today, so I actually made a list of my top team now and I think there's about eight in there and we've got my mindset coach, which is an LP practitioner. He's my go-to to keep me mentally on track. I have an erratic practitioner who is my health practitioner and has got my health to be very, very strong after having two forms of cancer. It's phenomenal where she's got me. I recently started working with a gorgeous shaman. I have my Chopra family being a certified practitioner. We have an extended family globally. Of course, my children, my clients, my husband and you know who most importantly in that team is myself because I back myself 100%.

00:06:58:04 - 00:07:13:15
Carrie Kwan
That is a solid Co and such a beautiful collection of people, including yourself. I love how you included yourself. I'd love to hear how you currently view protecting yourself from business risk.

00:07:13:21 - 00:07:26:06
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Yeah. Look, it's an interesting question, and I and I did think about it. Look, I'm going to get really tricky with a very fabulous answer with this one. But quite simply, it comes back to staying in my lane.You know, I do what I know best and what I know. My purpose in this lifetime is and I just stay in that lane and I tend to have blinkers on in that. I don't compare myself to others. I don't watch what other people are doing, and I make sure that I'm on track with being the best versionI can for my clients, which come in abundance in and out the door through out the week, and I don't have time to get off track. So that's really, I think, the thing that's kept me out of that risk factor is that I don't try and be something that I'm not.

00:08:04:17 - 00:08:08:06
Carrie Kwan
Such simple and effective advice. Thank you.

00:08:08:07 - 00:08:25:04
Lucy Kippist
Lisa. It's fascinating listening to you. And it's not often we get to hear business owners who are so centered and grounded, like just to be able to reflect on yourself as being the number one person in your collective group of people with such a strong and powerful thing to share. You've obviously got a lot going on. You just mentioned that your business is thriving. You were an opera singer. You're a voice coach. You're a business owner, you're a mother. That's an awful lot of things for one person. So to reach this level of skill and accomplishment in your life, is there anything you've had to stop doing?

00:08:43:24 - 00:09:09:23
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Definitely had to stop over thinking. I am a perfectionist and I'm an empath at the same time. And so I do find that I will turn an idea inside out, upside down, back to France and then reverse it and look at all the positives and negatives and then flip it and then still be questioning it. So I find that that behaviour, that pattern of behaviour is a learned behaviour, and that's why I have a mindset coach that can really keep me on track and make sure that if I get stuck in my head on any one thing that I get that perspective very quickly andI can move through that very quickly and make the decisions that are necessary and not just get stuck in what's not real.

00:09:38:10 - 00:09:53:24
Lucy Kippist
As Carrie mentioned before, we love to ask women to practice their pitch, at Mums & Co. But we also really like to champion them in terms of asking for what they want and then making introductions. So in that vein, is this something that you would ask for now? It could be a business. It could be in your life that we can reach out to the community and get someone to help you.

00:10:00:00 - 00:10:19:08
Lisa Lockland-Bell
We're about to do a major expansion. This is a home office that the listeners can't see, but I know that you can see now and I love. My home office has been a very safe place and my business has got to the point where there is a need in the market to work with young children and grow my business into, you know, we all know dance studios out there. And so I'm going to create my version of that has a vocal studio.And so we're going into commercial property. And I am going to be leaning on my broader community to get that support and spread the word that this is going to be there and available. We're going to be offering everything from Mums and Baba classes all the way through. We're going to have Glee Club I'm so excited about. We're going to have an academy. We're going to be really expanding because I just, you know, there's a methodology in the way that I work and I know that it does get results. So it's time. I'm in my 50th year, I'm coming up to being 50 and I'm in that last really big growth phase of life, so it's now or never. So I'll definitely be reaching out to everyone to help promote that.

00:11:16:13 - 00:11:30:13
Lucy Kippist
Well, my goodness, we'll be on tenterhooks waiting for that. I can only imagine the response to the Glee Club.How amazing. What's an insight into you, Lisa, that we might not see on your beautiful social media pages?

00:11:30:22 - 00:11:58:17
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Look, I try and bring it through, but it really never reaches to the point that I'm just a wee wee-hippie. I have such a very careful way of walking through my day, and that starts with meditation and nurturing of the self and making sure that I am connected to the highest source and that I'm listening constantly that I'm feeding my body what it needs to get me through the day. And these are, you know, I do three or four hours of work before I even sit down in front of the computer or at the piano every day. These are non-negotiables in my every day, and I am proof. I do believe that this kind of lifestyle, particularly if you've got health ailments, is absolutely testament to what's possible. People look at me and say you're too glamorous to be an opera singer, and I do love being the glamor puss. But look at heart, I am absolutely a wee wee hippie and I can go down a rabbit hole sometimes and just go very spicy.

00:12:41:14 - 00:12:55:13
Lucy Kippist
Love it. Absolutely love it. And in that sense of the morning routine that you've described and being able to feel into your well-being, is it possible that you have a favourite piece of music that you're playing into doing any of that that you could share with us?

00:12:55:16 - 00:13:09:01
Lisa Lockland-Bell
My husband at Christmas time bought me a fabulous Hollywood mirror. I've always wanted one of those Hollywood movies, you know, the ones that have the big lights around the edges, and he put it up in the bathroom. But it has a speaker system. So when I'm getting ready, it's a ritual to put on my makeup. There is a great band that I discovered called Alabama Shakes, and oh my goodness, she has the most extraordinary voice, and she just goes from this really guttural scream into these sultry jazz and blues sounds. And if you if you get the chance, listen to Alabama Shakes. It's she's one of my top Go-to's.

00:13:38:09 - 00:13:43:17
Lucy Kippist
You could have the Lisa Lockland-Bell make up putting on Spotify playlist.

00:13:43:18 - 00:13:45:01
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Just imagine!

00:13:45:02 - 00:13:49:01
Lucy Kippist
I would absolutely sign up to it.

00:13:49:16 - 00:13:51:02
Lisa Lockland-Bell
That's a great idea. I'll take that.

00:13:51:02 - 00:14:01:19
Lucy Kippist
Alright. OK. That's for you. Just for you. Thank you. You're welcome. So, Lisa, you've shared the exciting plans for the next phase of your business. What's something you promoting right now?

00:14:02:00 - 00:14:16:10
Lisa Lockland-Bell
There's two arms to my business, and one is that I teach singing and the other arm is that I work with women across the country, and I have two or three programs that are running at the moment and are always running. And so I invite people to jump online. It's thewomansvoice.com.au and have a look at those programs because there's something in there for everyone. And we can definitely help you get that confidence and be able to pitch and get that balance in your life so that you can use your voice effectively.

00:14:39:22 - 00:14:49:10
Carrie Kwan
For those who are considering starting a business. What is the most important tip in that path to growing a business? What have you learned and would like to pay forward?

00:14:49:18 - 00:15:11:17
Lisa Lockland-Bell
There's the usual one, which is to make sure you love what you do. That's, of course,I think, very, very important for authenticity and growing the business and not burning yourself out, but also knowing what it is, the product and the service, how I'm doing a very deep and profound understanding of how that's actually going to help your community or your clientele, understanding who your avatar is, of course, what their pain points are and and servicing that to whatever it is that you're offering in your business.

00:15:27:03 - 00:15:43:03
Carrie Kwan
Great. And that that sort of purpose helps you find deep energy when you need it most. And it comes in co, we talk about harmony as a triangle of ambition, livelihood and well-being. How would you describe the shape of a good life for you?

00:15:43:18 - 00:16:01:14
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Absolutely. Balance is key. My husband and I put in big weeks. We were up at five doing the whole three hour routine of nurturing, and then we are very diverse in the actions that we take part in during the day. But we're very strong in making sure that there's a time in the day where it's lights out and we have.Strong rituals in how to unwind and make sure that our bodies are ready to what we call go home at the end of the day when we go to sleep so that our bodies are rejuvenating. And we also were both great big kids at heart. And so we make sure that we have fun. My fun go to is horse riding his fun, go to his motorbike riding. He's just lucky that I like motorbike riding as well, so we make sure that we've got that balance. I have got three beautiful children and we've instilled all of that, that model into them as well, and we're very proud of what they're achieving as well. So I think we did something right. Most Sundays. I don't do anything. I rest. If I want to stay in bed all day, I stay in bed all day. If I want to go and sit under a tree and meditate.I will. If I want to go and ride the horse, I will and I do it with grace because I honour that I have put in a really big week. I deserve to have that space. And interestingly, if I don't have that, you know, something will come up. I'm fractious for the rest of that next week and I don't operate well. So it's important for the sustainability I work consciously every single day to make sure that I stay grounded because I know the consequences of not doing that. And the doctors have said you can't get this disease to gain, so I don't have the liberty of that choice anymore. My choice is life. My choice is to be a grandmother. And to do that, I have to live a sustainable life, which means like the big oak trees, they have growth and then they rest.

00:18:03:07 - 00:18:06:15
Lucy Kippist
So important, so important.Thank you for saying that.

00:18:06:23 - 00:18:07:07
Lisa Lockland-Bell

00:18:07:21 - 00:18:14:16
Carrie Kwan
In the spirit of womens upporting women who are the mumbitious that you would like to say hello to?

00:18:14:19 - 00:18:35:04
Lisa Lockland-Bell
You know there’s so many people that I'd love to do a shout out to. I definitely think that the big the big one for me is someone like Oprah. Oprah, for me is has been such a leader in in my lifetime. And I think that, you know, she deserves every accolade that she gets because I do think that that there is a movement happening in so many people, so many movements actually happening because of her leadership. 20 years ago, people like Simone Young, who is a conductor, a female conductor, I think she's now in Germany and has really broken that mould in the classical world of having a female conductor. Someone like that to sit down and break bread and have a conversation with her would be amazing. And then I go to someone like Tina Arena, who I think has just stood the test of time as well. She's an absolute asset to this country. And, you know, I think that we could learn a lot from her as well.

00:19:25:07 - 00:19:34:04
Carrie Kwan
So many amazing women there.So I'm thinking, Oprah, it's almost like you’d love to invite her over to have a dinner with at home.

00:19:34:04 - 00:19:34:16
Lisa Lockland-Bell
That's right.

00:19:35:12 - 00:19:46:21
Lucy Kippist
Lisa, thank you so much for joining us at mumbition today, and I know that everybody listening will be as touched and committed to finding their own voice as the way that you've made me feel listening to you speak about it. If you haven't already, please come and join our Mumbitious, supportive movement of thousands of Australian business owning women just like you at Mums & Co today and for expert advice, you can connect with Lisa on our Mums & Co platform and check that out, her module for the Confident Pitching ForBusiness Women Course. And if you'd like to follow Lisa on Instagram, you'll find her at @llocklandbell.

00:20:20:07 - 00:20:24:13
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Hello. Hi, how are you? Good.

00:20:25:18 - 00:20:29:03
Little Co
What are some of your favourite songs to sing?

00:20:29:21 - 00:20:47:17
Lisa Lockland-Bell
Oh, that's a great question.My favourite party piece to go to is Somewhere Over The Rainbow. That's one of my all-time favourites. I don't know if you know that one. It's an old one. And so what else do I love to sing? I love singing Amazing Grace. Actually, you can hear Amazing Grace. There's a version that I do on YouTube and then the jazz and Blues. I love some jazz and blues. And then, of course, going into the big opera classics.

00:21:06:15 - 00:21:07:03
Little Co
Thank you.

00:21:07:05 - 00:21:07:21
Lisa Lockland-Bell
You're welcome.