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At Mums & Co, we love working with brands that share our passion for creating opportunities to help our community. If you share our passion and want to help mums in business do business, we’re keen to chat to you about crafting a partnership that can deliver great results for your brand and our community.

Partnering with Mums & Co means that you’ll:

1. Connect with Australia’s leading community of mum-led business owners
2. Strengthen your brand position by including you in our national marketing    activities
3. Enjoy a partnership that helps deliver commercial returns in line with your objectives
4. Encourage a relationship with your brand and our 25,000-strong community that helps everyone
5. Compliment your existing initiatives in support of women within your organisation.

Let’s work together to help more female run businesses thrive, especially the ones that are raising the next generation of Australians.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, an event sponsor or create a strategic alliance, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s start working together soon.
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Insight Articles
26 November 2020
We're hiring - Community Manager
We're currently looking for a brilliant Community Manager to join our team!
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9 November 2020
Expert Group Session with Michelle Sutherland
If you are interested in your business being a force for good this online event is for you!
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11 November 2020
Mums & Co delivers the impossible to find on Google
When she became a mum Teigan Margetts started to feel a little unsure about the future of the planet. Upon losing her own mum, she decided to do something about it. 
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10 October 2020
Mums & Co Recognised for Social Media Innovation
Mums & Co is thrilled to be recognised as innovators in the social media space.
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22 October 2020
We're hiring - Digital Marketing Manager
Mums & Co is hiring - we're looking for a Digital Marketing Manger to join our team!
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9 October 2020
How Mums & Co can help ease your mental load
We know that mother's carry the 'motherload' of all mental loads. So we've made this as easy as possible for you!
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18 September 2020
How Mums & Co helped put Lija's business on the fast track
Lija is a visionary female founder helping companies to embrace a more flexible and productive approach to recruiting.
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17 August 2020
Member Profile Ann Phan Naturely Shop
Meet Mums & Co Community Member Ann Phan from Naturely Shop.
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31 July 2020
Finding Your New Normal
Join this small group session to learn how business owners can give themselves permission to succeed in this ‘new normal’ and address the topic of value and pricing.
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12 August 2020
Celebrating Dads
This month, we want to celebrate Dads. After all, what would an episode of Bluey be without Bandit?
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6 August 2020
Father's Day Gift Guide 2020
Our Father's Day Gift Guide sourced from the Mums & Co tribe! This Father's Day lets support our wonderful community by buying from an Aussie business mum.
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20 July 2020
The Power of Community
It’s amazing to see what we can achieve as a community when faced with adversity. Thank you to our 'Co' who were involved in the Mums & Co-VID19 Taskforce.
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15 April 2020
Webinar: Nurturing You and Your Customers Through A Crisis
We discuss all things digital marketing, communications and strategy, as well as touching on the bigger questions of what this period means for your business and how you can make the most of it.
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8 July 2020
8 Government Assistance Grants for Small Business
2020 has been a tough year for small business. Here are 8 government assistance grants to help while times are rough.
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26 May 2020
Community Member Profile - Korryn Haines
Meet Mums & Co Accelerate Member Korryn Haines from Encore Admin Consulting.
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21 May 2020
Community Member Profile - Alya Meyer
Meet Mums & Co Accelerate Member Alya Meyer from Music Bee Studio.
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20 May 2020
How women in business are innovating during a crisis
Stories from Australian business women in the Mums & Co community being agile, inspirational and pivoting during a crisis.
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3 May 2020
Mothers Day Gift Guide 2020
Mother's Day Gift Guide 2020 - Buy from a Mum, Give to a Mum!⠀
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4 May 2020
Webinar: Mental Health with Beyond Blue
If you’re not feeling ok right now, know that you’re not alone. Beyond Blue is here to help.
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27 April 2020
Webinar: Customer Experience and Voice
How to look after your most critical stakeholder - your customers. 
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22 April 2020
How To Have Tricky Conversations With Your Staff
Many business owners are facing hard conversations at the moment, download our free template to help with this.
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21 April 2020
Sharing The Load At Home
Despite many families’ best intentions, women are still bearing the brunt of the new working environment.
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20 April 2020
Webinar: Unpacking the Government Stimulus Package
We've unpacked the Government Stimulus package so it's easy to understand!
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16 April 2020
Email template for COVID-19 client communications 
Clear and honest communication is key to retaining clients. Download our step by step email template here.
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17 April 2020
Tips From A Virtual CFO
How can I save cash and manage cashflow? Can I pause my rent? How can I save my staff? All these answered and more in this webinar.
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14 April 2020
Insurance Considerations During a Pandemic
Are pandemics covered by insurance? Do you need extra cover for staff working from home? Can you claim lost income? All this and more...
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15 April 2020
Expert Legal Insights
Webinar with legal expert Jacqui Barrett - what risks are businesses facing at the moment and how can they be mitigated?
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23 April 2020
Webinar: How to build your brand in a crisis
Everything you need to know about building your business' brand
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14 April 2020
Template: Request To Work From Home
Mums & Co has created this free template to help you ask to work from home.
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14 April 2020
Your rights when it comes to working from home
Are you stuck in the position where you can do your job from home but your employer still wants you to come in?
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10 April 2020
Webinar: Workplace Law and Remote Working Obligations
Honest and practical advice for all of us on how to protect our most precious asset - our people.
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9 April 2020
Webinar: Managing Expectations
Expert guidance into what is and isn’t possible right now, for both you and your kids including why kids may be acting up, how to manage mum guilt, and much more. 
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8 April 2020
Webinar: How to Leverage Technology to Stay Ahead
What technologies should you be using? And how much of a competitive advantage can you gain? Learn from the expert Angela Kim from Women in AI. 
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7 April 2020
Webinar: Remote Working with Kids
Webinar on how to Remote Work with Kids at home, featuring guests Jo Palmer, of Pointer Remote Roles, and Emmy Samtani, of Kindred.
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6 April 2020
10 Mental Health Resources To Get You Through COVID-19
Looking after your mental health is so important. We have rounded up ten of the best resources to help you get through these tricky times with your spirits intact.
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26 March 2020
Checklist: What new government stimulus offers are available for small business? 
A checklist of the Australian government initiatives to support small business during COVID-19.
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25 March 2020
What do you do if you can't work remotely? 
For some careers there is no other option but to show up. So how can you navigate these challenging times?
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19 March 2020
Ideas and resources to entertain your kids while at home
Ideas and resources to entertain your kids indoors.
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18 March 2020
Extreme togetherness: Working from home with the kids in lock-down
Our sanity-saving guide to working from home when the kids are home too! 
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16 March 2020
How the Mums & Co team is working from home?
Many employees are being encouraged to work from home - but what does this actually look like?
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17 March 2020
Finding connection in times of self isolation and social distancing 
10 activities to help you find connection during social distancing or self isolation.
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6 March 2020
The COVID-19 plan you need to make now
Who will look after the kids if daycare closes and you have to work from home?
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5 March 2020
How to support your team during a crisis
From bushfires to COVID-19 businesses have had to think about operating in crisis.
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27 February 2020
50 Empowering Quotes for International Women's Day 2020
Empowering quotes for International Women's Day 2020.
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15 May 2020
How to increase your business 10 x with paid marketing
Do you want to increase your business x 10? Irene Lee from Canva share the secrets to paid marketing that works.
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22 May 2020
What type of your negotiator are you?
Does the thought of negotiating excite you? Or do you only engage if you have to? Learn to love negotiating.
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22 May 2019
Five (free) ways to make your business more sustainable
5 ways that every business owner in Australia can reduce their environmental footprint.
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11 May 2020
How to generate leads on LinkedIn
You have a LinkedIn profile but are you using it for lead generation?
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20 March 2020
How to stay happily married (and run a business)
Tips from Psychologist Kirstin Bouse from Perth Psychology Collective.
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16 September 2020
How to develop a new product
Kristy Chong from underwear company Modibodi shares her product development journey.
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15 June 2020
5 Types of Passive Income You Haven't Discovered
Read on for five innovative ways to make money while you're busy doing other things.
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24 September 2020
5 marketing basics you can action today
Do you want to market your business better? Here are five things you can do right now.
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13 March 2020
How to ace SEO
A beginner's guide to understanding the wizardry and witchcraft of Google.
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13 May 2020
Dealing with challenging behaviour in children
Do you ever feel like you are really good at running your business but you kinda suck at being a parent? Stephanie Wicker from Simply Kids is here to help.
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26 February 2020
Digital Marketing for Beginners
So you have a website, an Instagram account, a Facebook page. But how can you know if you're doing it right?
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13 July 2020
Best business books all women must read
We've done the homework for your hit list of highly recommend, inspiring personal development reads.
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2 October 2020
Why you need to learn to switch off
Have an unhealthy attachment to your devices? Here's how to avoid 'Always on Syndrome'.
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27 May 2020
Are you burnt out? How to recognise the signs & avoid burn out
There's tired and then there's exhausted. How to recognise burn out and avoid it.
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29 May 2020
Why Women Need To Be Heard In The Media
Out of 6000 news stories only 1 in 5 of the sources quoted were female... Does this seem right?
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8 May 2020
Is innovation part of your business' day to day?
Four easy expert tips to increase innovation in your business.
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9 June 2020
The incredible story of Littlescribe
A day at home with sick kids turned into an unmissable opportunity.
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19 June 2020
From Accidental Entrepreneur to Shark Tank: The Story of Birth Beat
Edwina Sharrock will featured on Shark Tank. But incredibly, she never set out to be an entrepreneur...
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28 February
What is underinsurance? Is your business protected?
Why you should take a second look at how your business is covered.
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5 June 2020
How to get your product into the hands of the Kardashians
Want to get your product into the Holy Grail of all social media influencers? Here's how!
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1 March 2020
How to write a great About Us page
Tips to writing the perfect About Us page for your business.
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3 September 2020
Are you happy with what you earn? If not, read on.
Do you earn as much money as you think you should? We've come up with five steps to help you feel free of financial stress.
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12 June 2020
The Australian Mums In Business Report
We commissioned this report because we wanted to know Australian Mums in Business better, really understand their needs, so that we can support and help them more effectively.
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25 February 2020
5 marketing strategies for small business
Got a small business? Here are 5 easy marketing tips for you.
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17 July 2020
How to come up with a successful business idea
Want to start a business, but have no idea what? Here's how one mum came up with a successful business and how you can too.
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22 June 2020
How to establish yourself as a professional consultant
How do you get your start as a consultant? We've got some expert tips right here for you.
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10 July 2020
How to start a business on maternity leave
When Emily fell pregnant, she was worried it was the end of her career. So, she used her mat leave to start her business...and has never looked back.
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3 July 2020
How to start a business as an introvert
Does the level of self-promotion needed to start a business frighten you? Think you can't start a business as an introvert? Think again!
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25 May 2020
How I made six figures in my 1st year of business
From finance executive to bridesmaid dress store owner - How Aneta Pazeski had an incredible first year in business?
Read more
15 July 2020
How to start an online clothing store
From checking business viability, to funding your stock, how do you start an online apparel business?
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10 June 2020
How I made 500 sales in my first 3 months
Nicole McIver was worried she'd get less than 1 sale per day - but she managed to get over 500 sales in the first 3 months! Find out how she did it.
Read more
24 June 2020
How to negotiate your position to part-time
Tips on how to negotiate your current role down to part-time so that you can concentrate on your own business.
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1 July 2020
Business Branding In 5 Steps
To stand out from your business competitors? You need business branding that rocks.
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18 May 2020
Be Seen As A Business Expert
When you're seen as the expert in your industry, things happen!
Read more
25 June 2020
An Expert's Guide to Outsourcing
Got a never ending to do list? Read on for our expert tips on getting a little more time for you.
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15 October 2020
4 Top Tips For Your Financial Success in Business
Sometimes you need to lean on the experts for the best advice.
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4 June 2020
The Top 5 Forgotten Tax Deductions
Australians miss out on tax deductions every year. The more organised you are, the more you can benefit.
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29 October 2020
7 Tips on Building An Online Business
Welcome to the modern way to do business, some easy steps on how to build your online business.
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17 June 2020
Asking Clients For Reviews and Testimonials
One of most effective forms of marketing? Client reviews and testimonials.
Read more
8 October 2020
How to Work From Home With Kids
Being a mum in business isn't always easy and when your office is also your home. Here are 5 tips to get you set up.
Read more
19 November 2020
How To Crowd Fund
Funding supplied by the people, for the people. One mums experience with crowd funding.
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12 November 2020
Making SEO Work For You
Before you hire an SEO strategist try our 8 tips for small business SEO success.
Read more
10 September 2020
Should I Start A Business?
When you run your own business, the most important ingredient in its potential success is you!
Read more
5 November 2020
How To Be A Great Boss
Essential HR tips for small business.
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31 January 2020
Tips to balance work and family
How to switch from being successful Chief Mama to being truly present with your kids
Read more
20 January 2020
How to start practicing self care
Women are kicking many goals today but the one arena in which we are not excelling is our own self-care
Read more
18 January 2020
4 ways to a better work-life balance
It’s not easy finding a balance between work, family and your own mental health.
Read more
6 January 2020
10 Best Summer Reads
It’s that magical time of year when you can log onto Booktopia (scoring 10%off because you’re a Mums & Co member) and go shopping in the realistic hope that you may actually get to read A WHOLE BOOK.‍ To help with your aspirational book buying, we have collated a list of books our staff and members have loved this year.
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19 December 2019
10 things to do with your kids this school holidays
Switch off those iPads, slap on some sunscreen and go on an adventure with these left-of-centre holiday ideas.
Read more
17 December 2019
How to use Instagram to Boost Pre-Christmas Sales
If you’re running a product-based business (or even a service business), Instagram needs no introduction. You would already know that you can reach a billion people. And of that billion, 200 million visit a business profile every single day, and one-third of the most viewed Insta stories are from businesses. 
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Sep 7, 2019
Be MPowered 2019 Highlights
On Friday, 23 August 2019, 200+ attendees gathered for the second Be MPowered Conference presented by Mums & Co in Sydney to hear some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, innovators and business minds talk; attend business skills workshops, watch the pitch comp founders pitch their business idea to investors; and connect with like-minded women and those that support her.
Read more
Jun 4, 2019
Cold and flu survival guide
It’s that time of year, mamas. The time when we head to the chemist and hand over all of our money...
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5 June 2019
Get EOFYS ready
It’s less than a month until end of financial year so it’s time to get organised.
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Jun 11, 2019
What type of your negotiator are you?
Does the thought of negotiating make you jump up and get involved? Or do you only engage in it when you absolutely have to?
Read more
Jul 1, 2019
Negotiating better partnerships
As business owners, we’re often asked to support local or industry-specific activities through partnerships.
Read more
Jul 16, 2019
Her Way: Be MPowered delegate shares her wins from last year’s conference
Are you thinking about attending Be MPowered for the first time?
Read more
In the News
About time Australian mums in business were acknowledged & better supported: Carrie Kwan
Australian mums in business contribute significantly to our economy and it’s about time they are acknowledged and better supported, according to Carrie Kwan, the co-founder of Mums & Co.
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Kochie’s Business Builders Power List top ten revealed
We launched the inaugural Kochie’s Business Builders Power List in May. The list was curated by our publishing team and featured the people we truly believe are having an impact on the small business and startup space.
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This is how to handle criticism when you’re a business owner
Next time you cop a few paragraphs or earfuls of criticism from a client (constructive or otherwise) remember this nugget of truth from soloist and positive psychology coach, Catherine Bell.
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Dreaming of starting your own business? Here’s what you need to know first
There’s nothing quite like being at home on maternity leave with your precious little bundle to make you rethink your career path – suddenly the idea of jumping back on the corporate ladder can look very unappealing.
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Passion and flexibility drive Australia’s Mumpreneur boom
It was after the birth of her first child, that Mums & Co. founder Carrie Kwan realised running a business and taking care of a small human came with considerable hurdles. Feeling isolated and time-stressed Kwan tells Kochies Business Builders (KBB) melding her personal and professional ambitions with motherhood’s relentless ‘juggle’ was challenging.
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