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At Mums & Co, we love working with brands that share our passion for creating opportunities to help our community. If you share our passion and want to help mums in business do business, we’re keen to chat to you about crafting a partnership that can deliver great results for your brand and our community.

Partnering with Mums & Co means that you’ll:

1. Connect with Australia’s leading community of mum-led business owners
2. Strengthen your brand position by including you in our national marketing    activities
3. Enjoy a partnership that helps deliver commercial returns in line with your objectives
4. Encourage a relationship with your brand and our 25,000-strong community that helps everyone
5. Compliment your existing initiatives in support of women within your organisation.

Let’s work together to help more female run businesses thrive, especially the ones that are raising the next generation of Australians.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, an event sponsor or create a strategic alliance, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s start working together soon.

Enquire about being a partner.

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Insight Articles
25 February 2024
Member Profile: Julie Latanzi, Founder of Big Little Parties
Our monthly member profile - a chance for our community members to share more about themselves and their business with the world.
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20 February 2024
How a Sydney mum went from pitch finalist to sustainable leader
Naomi Tarszisz, founder of Replated, champions reusable takeaway food containers and designs systems for easy reuse. She believes that individual actions, even seemingly small ones, accumulate into powerful impacts over time. Refusing single-use items matters, and collective action is key!
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30 January 2024
Member Profile: Simone Eyles, Founder of Disinfluencer
Our monthly member profile - a chance for our community members to share more about themselves and their business with the world.
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5 December 2023
From Care to Cyber
On Mumbition the Podcast we spoke with Ailie Houlihan, a Strategist & Consultant at CyberCX as she shares how entering into the field of cybersecurity has improved her work/life balance.
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23 January 2024
Which is Better: A Coach or a Consultant?‍
In business, it's essential to know where to turn when you need guidance.
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15 January 2024
What is the Value of a Business Coach?
Understanding the value of a business coach: Dive into the transformative power of tailored guidance, ethical values, and the multi-dimensional role of coaching. Discover how Mums & Co offers expert business coaching.
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27 December 2023
What does a business coach or expert teach you?
Business coach—a professional whose primary role isn't just to 'teach' in the traditional sense.
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19 December 2023
How much is a business coach in Melbourne?
In today's fast-paced business world, adapting to change is not just recommended—it's essential.
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8 January 2024
What Can You Learn from a Business Expert?
Unlock business potential with expert guidance. Mums & Co connects you to seasoned professionals.
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11 December 2023
Why is Business Coaching Important for Business Owners?
Every business journey is unique, but with the right support and guidance, success isn't just a dream.
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1 November 2023
Business has shifted into the era of 'efficiency' And you need to be prepared.
The business world is undergoing two significant transformations. A negative force pulls in one direction, and an opposing, positive force in the other. There's a sweet spot in the middle where the winning business will play.
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Understanding the root causes of cash flow uncertainty is crucial.
The Impact of Payer Behavior on Cash Flow Certainty
Understanding the root causes of cash flow uncertainty is crucial.
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31 October 2023
5 Reasons Why Journaling with Pen and Paper Beats Digital Writing
In this fast-paced digital age, where electronic devices are ubiquitous, there's something to be said about the simple pleasure of putting pen to paper.
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1 November 2023
Protect your brand with a trade mark and avoid a costly rebrand
Learn about IP Australia’s new, free TM Checker tool that helps small businesses check if their name, logo or phrase might infringe on an existing trade mark and, if not, whether they can register it as a trade mark.
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31 October 2023
Tapping into Emotional Freedom: Empowering Lives and Businesses with Fay Chan
What's really holding you back from true business success? Fay Chan has an answer and it's as simple and as complicated as your mindset.
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24 October 2023
Unlocking Social Media Success for Women-Owned Businesses
Michelle has ambition in spades after a decade at Meta in Silicon Valley, she has very recently returned home with her young family to Australia.
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8 October 2023
How using technology can grow your business
In a recent episode of Mumbition The Podcast (brought to you by DWEN the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network), we chatted with two business owning women who have put technology at the forefront of what they do.
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10 October 2023
Dreaming Big: Success Through Passion, Purpose, & Journaling
Kristina has been journaling for over a decade, and as she shares in this terrific episode on Mumbition, journaling has inspired her ambition, livelihood, and wellbeing as a business-owning woman.
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1 October 2023
What would $40k in tech do for you?
There’s no doubt about it, technology is changing at a rapid pace. So how can small business owners keep up and make the most out of it?
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13 November 2023
Who is the Most Successful Female Entrepreneur in Australia?
Did you know that a staggering 98% of businesses in Australia are categorised as small businesses?
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2 January 2024
What is the difference between a business advisor and a consultant?
The dynamic business landscape of Australia is truly captivating! Every decision made holds the potential to alter the destiny of companies.
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What is an example of a business advisor?
What exactly defines a professional advisor, and how can you ensure you're collaborating with the best?
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22 October 2023
What is a Perfect Advisor?
What sets great advisors apart? Is there such thing as a perfect advisor?
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2 November 2023
Who are the Key Advisors to the Business?
Launching or managing a business, especially in Australia's dynamic landscape, is an adventure filled with challenges and opportunities.
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17 November 2023
How do I choose a business advisor?
What you need to know about business advisors before hiring.
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3 December 2023
The Power of Business Advisory for Entrepreneurs
Stepping into the vibrant world of entrepreneurship is an adventure that sparks the spirit and challenges the intellect.
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10 January 2024
Business Coaches for Entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur, setting out to change the business landscape can be thrilling. But the journey is seldom without its hurdles.
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21 September 2023
Where technology, community and wellbeing meet
Just a few years ago the idea of technology like digital screens playing a key role in improving the customer experience at a cafe would have seemed far-fetched. Not today!
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12 September 2023
Networking and Gaining Visibility for your Business with Amreeta Abbott and Stacie Shaw
If you love problem solving then this episode of Mumbition with Mums & Co members, Amreeta Abbott and Stacie Shaw is for you!
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5 January 2024
What does a business coach do?
Mums & Co knows you’re not just building a business; you’re crafting a legacy.
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11 January 2024
What do online business coaches do?
In the digital age, where online markets can flourish, entrepreneurs are eagerly stepping into the wondrous world of online businesses.
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21 December 2023
Why Do entrepreneurs need a Coach?
Explore the benefits of hiring a buisness coach
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What does an entrepreneur coach do?
Let's learn more about; who even an entrepreneur coach is and what they do.
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10 October 2023
Is a Business Coach the Same as a Business Consultant?
Running a business is like sailing a ship through uncharted waters; it’s both exhilarating and challenging.
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25 January 2024
How much does business coach in Sydney cost?
Let's talk numbers and explore how much a business coach in Sydney would cost and why this investment could support your business growth. 
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27 January 2024
Weighing the Investment: What is the Cost of a Business Coach?
Starting a business while caring for a family can feel like a thrilling adventure. Many businesswomen often have to balance caring responsibilities with entrepreneurial ambition
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29 January 2024
Business Coach for Small Businesses
Does a small business need a coach?
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24 July 2023
The big importance of Australia’s smallest businesses
It’s the fastest growing sector of the small business community and employs nearly three million Australians, but how many of us actually know what a microbusiness is?
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18 July 2023
Natalie Anne style influencer with a difference
A style influencer with a difference, Natlaie Anne has a very keen sense of the tenacity required to create a legacy with your business and she also includes some very cool hair tips for those of us looking for a quick fix at the beginning of the day.
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12 July 2023
Talented women in the know
Connecting with your global community - Lessons from global business owners. Share your stories, learn from others.
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11 July 2023
Space For Your WorkLife
With three small kids in tow Kate Dezarnaulds took the plunge and made the move to a ‘simpler life’ in regional NSW and has gone on to discover community and connection at the same time as building a successful co-working space business WorkLife that aims to create beautiful and efficient workspaces for clever, generous and creative professionals so that people are inspired to escape the grind of the city, better balance life and work in thriving regional towns.
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4 July 2023
Tech help for business women
Tracy Sheen is the Founder of The Digital Guide working with small business owners to help them learn, leverage and love technology in their business.
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27 June 2023
Creating a culturally safe space
Mundanara Bayles is mother of five, host of Black Magic Woman podcast and co-founder of Black Card, a specialist consultancy providing cultural capability training and consultancy service to enable people and organisations to work effectively with members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, creating a society that includes everyone in a meaningful and productive way by working more effectively with First Nations people and each other.
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11 November 2023
Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship for Supermums!
Striking the perfect harmony between 'mumbition' and wellbeing can seem like an Everest to scale, but fear not; you are not alone in this journey!
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22 October 2023
Level up your skill with electronic Business practices
Exploring the benefits of electronic business practices
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3 January 2024
‍Strategic Guidance in Business: Navigating Your Journey to Success
Strategic guidance is a compass in the business world. It's that invaluable advice helping you steer through opportunities and challenges,
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30 December 2023
Tips on how to Speak to your desired customers using marketing strategy!
A guide for marketing strategy for your business
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10 December 2023
Define your unique selling point (USP) and build a memorable brand
Exploring unique selling point in business
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12 December 2023
Are you travelling as a small business owner?
For all you business owning mums out there running your ventures, you might find yourselves packing a bag and heading out for work-related travels.
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15 December 2023
Proposal Presentation & Pitching - essential skills for mums in business
Exploring the three P's of business skills: Proposal, Pitching and Presentation.
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18 December 2023
How Can Mums in Business Benefit from Cost Reduction Techniques?
Whether you're just getting started or looking to scale up, one factor consistently plays a crucial role in business success: cost reduction.
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22 December 2023
Upgrade Your Small Business with the Right Software Tools!
In today's world, we have fantastic software tools that can make running a business smoother and more efficient.
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23 December 2023
Why Should You Invest in a Business Coach for Your Small Business?
For many ambitious mumpreneurs, the prospect of starting or elevating a business is a dream that dovetails beautifully with the journey of motherhood.
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21 June n2023
Focus on what you can do as a mum
Anita and Jess are two founders wanting to change the stat that mums are three times more likely to leave the workforce during their 30s due to the demands of motherhood with their unique marketplace helping mums follow their dreams, MumbleMe.
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13 June 2023
Getting kids passionate about science
Dr Alana Wylie has created a business that is inspiring the next generation of scientists and researchers.
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8 June 2023
Next stop: Anywhere you want.
Catherine (Kathini) Jonathan is a business-owning mother writing her own story in sharing the success stories of others. She’s a #mumbitious entrepreneur making things happen thanks to the power of community and technology. 
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6 June 2023
Supporting the supporters
Verity Hare is the founder Tradie Wives, a successful online community that has created a safe space for the wives and partners of tradies to get support they may need.
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1 June 2023
We're Hiring - Sales Specialist
As a Sales Specialist at Mums & Co, part of the IAG family, you can have meaningful impact. We’re here for you. Are you ready?
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30 May 2023
How to be the most resourceful possible
Lauren Hamilton is the founder of marketing agency Digital Narrative. She shares some really practical tips on how to maximize exposure for your business, create a content strategy that is not overwhelming and win at networking.
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23 May 2023
It’s ok to drop a few balls
Steph Trethewey is the founder of Motherland. Like many of our community she is seriously mumbitious and a key thing she’s learned along the way is it’s ok not to do everything all at once.
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17 May 2023
Your business goals are just a network away
Believing the world needs to embrace the power of science education to empower future generations, this entrepreneurial scientist turned her studies into a successful company, and continues to fine tune flexibility at every step of her business journey.
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15 May 2023
Life hack gamify your day
Frances Goh is the Community Manager at One Roof. She is passionate about creating communities and safe spaces for business owning women and shares the ultimate wellbeing hack - how to gamify your life!
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9 May 2023
The transferable skills from motherhood to business owner
Elle offers counselling services for women addressing the trauma of divorce, depression, and anxiety. Through, Single Mama Way, she aims to elevate all Single Mamas to achieve stability, social connection & the lifestyle they desire.
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2 May 2023
#1 accounting tip for business owning women - invest in yourself
Davie Mach is not your average accountant. Passionate about small businesses success Davie is an out of the box thinker, who has created entertaining and informative social media channels.
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18 April 2023
From $80k debt to $2 million turnover in 5 years
In the space of a few years Jen has created a phenomenal business from her own personal experience.
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11 April 2023
Passion, Purpose and Permaculture
A unique style of business coaching
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11 April 2023
Mindfulness, Mindset and Meditation
Power of the mind to help
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28 March 2023
Social enterprises and success
Break down the social enterprise barriers
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21 March 2023
Legally armed and ready to flourish
Daily dance uplifts the soul to spiritual realms.
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7 March 2023
Dance like nobody’s watching
Daily dance uplifts the soul to spiritual realms.
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28 February 2023
Shift & Change
Building a business that supports others with humour and grace.
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7 February 2023
Writing towards wellbeing
Wellbeing is the cornerstone of any business because without it, well, there really is no business.
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15 February 2023
Start a coaching business from home
Everyone loves to run their own business and maybe an online one so that they can run it from the comfort of their own home.
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8 February 2023
Start a Kindle publishing business from home in Australia
In this article, we will discuss what Kindle publishing is, why you should start a Kindle publishing business from home in Australia, and how to go about creating your own successful Kindle book.
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1 February 2023
Start your own content writing business from home
The world of search engine optimisation (SEO) is a vast and ever-changing one, with new opportunities arising all the time.
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25 January 2023
50 most powerful women in business Australia - Part 1
From tech entrepreneurs to finance experts, these 50 influential women have made their mark in the world of business.
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2 February 2023
50 most powerful women in business Australia - Part 2
Australian businesswomen are achieving great things, regardless of their industry or background.
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4 January 2023
16 Attributes of Successful Business Chicks and Mumpreneurs
In this blog post, we will explore the essential traits of successful business women...
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18 January 2023
Business ideas for mums Australia: Virtual assistant
In this article, we take a look at the potential of a virtual assistant business for women and especially mumpreneurs in Australia.
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Home business ideas for mums Australia - Bookkeeping
The ins and out of creating a bookkeeping business from home, what you need to get started and how to market your services.
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11 January 2023
Small business ideas for stay at home mums: digital products sales
In this article, we’ll discuss how selling digital products could become a suitable small business...
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14 December 2023
Daily Routine Ideas for successful Working Mums
The benefits of establishing daily routines as an entrepreneur or a working mum.
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21 December 2023
Small business ideas for mums: Virtual event planner
Let's take a look at how running an event planning business online might work for an entrepreneur mum.
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7 December 2023
What makes real entrepreneur mums succeed?
The key qualities for becoming an entrepreneur mum and the mindset you need to make it all happen.
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17 January 2023
Use your legacy to supercharge your business
What does legacy mean to you? What impact does that have on the running of your business and your experience of life?
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28 December 2022
Making your brand work for you – how having a trade mark can save (and make) you money
Why are trade marks important? They can differentiate you from your competitors, give your business an identity and help attract customers.
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30 November 2022
Work from home ideas for new mums: Youtube Automation
There are a number of different ways to work from home, depending on your needs and preferences.
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7 December 2022
How to create a "Women in business mentor program"?
Women in business mentor programs are an important way to help women entrepreneurs succeed.
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30 November 2022
Benefits of Women's mentoring program
In this article, we will discuss the benefits of women's mentoring programs and how you can get involved.
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12 February 2023
How to start a home business in Australia
Starting a home business can be a great way to earn some extra money.
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Business ideas for stay at home mums: eCommerce
Starting a business as a stay at home mum can be an excellent way to earn some extra income while taking care of your children. There are many benefits to running
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Why is copywriting one of the best home business ideas for mums?
There are many home business ideas for mums. One of the most popular is copywriting. Copywriters are in high demand, and there are many ways to charge for your
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Work from home business ideas for mums
The world has changed! We all saw how working from home became more of a thing over the past few years. This has changed the lifestyles of many, especially mums.
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7 types business ideas for mums
Embarking on your own business journey can be daunting, but it's also an incredibly empowering experience. For mothers, the opportunity to start a business can be especially rewarding, as it allows you to create a business that fits both your professional and personal goals.
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9 famous Australian business women and what makes them unique
Australia has a long and proud history of female entrepreneurs. Women have always played a vital role in the country's economy, and today there are more women than
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Australian business women who inspire you
What does it take to be an inspiring woman? It's not about having a certain title or following a specific set of rules. In fact, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to this question.
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How to connect with influential women in business at networking events
As a business owner, woman, and entrepreneur, it's important to connect with other women in business. Why is that important? Connecting with women in business
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How the Australian business woman of the year is nominated?
There is an award for just about everything out there. You can find awards for the best restaurant, the best actor, the best athlete, and so on. But what are these awards
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How to start women in business networking group
Starting a women's networking group can be a great way to connect with other women who own their own businesses or are professionals. The purpose of a networking
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How women in business networking empower each other
Women in business have the potential to make powerful connections when it comes to networking
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