A mothers mission to empower women through superannuation and financial well-being

Dive into Trenna’s inspiring story- from overcoming financial hardship to championing women’s financial empowerment, Trenna’s mission resonates. Her innovative platform aims to make financial advice accessible to all, proving that resilience and audacious hope can lead to success.

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Trenna, can give us your best elevator pitch?
Sure. Look, my goal is a very tiny goal, which is: to close the $30 trillion global gender wealth gap by making appropriate, affordable advice accessible to every woman around the globe. That's a huge goal. So where we've started is by building a platform that makes it incredibly easy for women to enter a little bit of information, find out how are on track with their savings to fund a retirement that they will love, and show them just a very simple step that they can take. Click a button to see how they can retire with more, all for less than $100.

We are really fascinated to hear how you view risk. And what are some of the processes that you've put in place to protect yourself, and also Super Fierce?
I was diagnosed late in life with ADHD, which is not uncommon for women of my generation.  
There's been a lot of blips throughout my personal life, in my career that are probably a reflection of a reasonably high appetite for adventure, adrenaline and risk. One of the powers of being diagnosed late with ADHD was I continued to live boldly, and I would build frameworks and tools around me to try and help me navigate more effectively.  I could have conversations in a structured way with myself to assess the decision making, and see if my first instinct stacked up against some detective thinking. I am to guide my thinking, to reference previous experience, to identify risks that I've stumbled into before like my businesses.

For example, with my very first business, I was tremendously good at winning business. I used to execute really well, but I was brought up in a conservative country family, and I was taught that it was rude to talk about money. So I just didn't get paid. I took from that first business, I went away and I was like, okay, every business moving forward, I will get 50% of my invoice paid on, commencing a job. So what I try to do is to make sure that I'm gathering frameworks and reference points from my own experiences.

How do you harmonize your life as a business owner? What would you say is 1 or 2 philosophies, tools or systems that you use that really helps you to harmonise all the aspects of life?
I kind of think of myself sometimes like confetti or the sparkle of bubbles that come out of a champagne glass. And that might sound self-absorbed, but it's not really. I like to use colour and feelings and visual imagery to shift my energy and how I move through the world, because we all have difficult moments. And so by imagining a spray of confetti, or the bubbles out of a champagne glass, that's the joyful, exuberant, lively feeling. I use those sorts of visualizations to remind me of the impact that I can have on others, and on myself. I deal with people all the time who are having a really hard time, so protecting my energy is important. I had a coach many years ago; I'm always surrounded by coaches for different things. That's very important for me. It took me years to learn that I was worthy of having a coach, to give myself permission to have a coach. I think that's a common problem for women. One of the those people taught me to put, a big balloon around me. The balloon enables me still to see and touch, and I can hear everybody, but it just creates a little bit of space to protect my energy and my heart when it's getting old, and too much.

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