Be MPowered

Be MPowered. Done and nearly perfect.

Be MPowered delivered something Mums & Co hadn't done before...

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It’s common in startup parlance to say “done is better than perfect”

There were so many moments in the lead up to Be MPowered 2021 that made me nervous that it might not even be possible to get done! 

Partnerships were muted.

Ticket sales were slow.

We were talking about delivering something Mums & Co hadn't done before.

Little Co were welcome at all our in person hubs

The logic was strong.

A unique hybrid gathering custom designed to suit our business owning mums, regardless of their location and for all stages of business and motherhood.

Experts ranging from selling with soul and wellbeing to productivity, with a dash of neuroscience in between. 

Practical business advice wrapped in a parcel of feminine knowing. 

A speaking opportunity for our own members. 

It seemed like the world was interested in what we had to offer. I was interviewed for live radio in Dubbo and Bathurst. I even ended up in front of the camera debuting on Ticker and AusBiz TV. Tickets were booked in NYC, USA.

For Be MPowered 2021 we blended 8 pre-recorded segments, 8 live Q&As, 16 virtual pitches from our business owning members nationally, managed a tech desk in  Wagga, dodged a mouse plague in Moree. Rescheduled Manly and sent care packages to our hub attendees in Melbourne who found themselves once again, COVID locked down.
Be MPowered was a hybrid event for 2021

By event day, I felt exhausted. I started to lose my voice.

It really could have gone either way.

In retrospect, every risk, pivot and trusting the process was a step worth taking

From Be MPowered HQ, I lost count of the number of deep nods of understanding from the women in our room at the Sydney StartUp hub thanks to NSW Government - and the exclamation marks that lit up the discussion board on the conference app Evise (developed by two incredible female founders) enabling attendees all across Australia to connect and experience their own moments of digital serendipity.

The entire project of Be MPowered proudly supported 20 female owned businesses through procurement; and reflected the true essence of our “Co”.

Six of the 20 businesses involved in putting on the show were in regional areas - creating regional hubs that were the highlight of the big day, with Moree booking out in just two days. A hat tip to the 30% of business mothers who are in rural areas.

The hybrid format offered flexibility where our mums needed it the most

There were more than a few belly bumps in the crowd (and on screen), our youngest attendee dialling in at just 4 days old, a babes in arms and a toddler wandering around the Sydney Startup Hub along with some grandmothers considering the experience of mothers from a multigenerational point of view. 

We were COVID & mum-life proof (as much as you can be)!

Two days before the event our  Melbourne friends returned to lockdown, but could still attend Be MPowered by joining the online stream from their homes.

A keynote speaker went into labour in the days before the conference - proving that no matter your stage of motherhood there’s always room for mumbition. A big, warm welcome baby Hudson! 

Two mums expecting to attend IRL could dial in with sick kids - a familiar curve ball that often means that mums miss out.

Covid proof, baby proof, designed with our mums in mind made us FOMO proof. 

Mumbitious attendees at Sydney Start Up Hub

We connected across industries…

I was finally able to meet two suppliers that we’ve worked with since January for the first time in person.

Held in reconciliation week, where those in our Sydney hub were moved to tears, uplifted by the magic of Aunty Margret’s sacred Welcome to Country. 

Almost a week later and I know we served our Mums & Co community at a tricky time. 

An important time.
An important event.

Our event showed us the appetite for coming together as a community. This is how we back ourselves as business owning mums - after all, we are social creatures. 

Our third Be MPowered (which coincided with Mums & Co’s fifth birthday) might have been risky but I believed in our team and purpose and trusted the process.

It is done and it feels very nearly perfect. 

I know that you are feeling this element of risk in your business now too.

I believe that you can do it, I know that you can.

We are here with you every step, risk, pivot and cause for celebration along the way.

Stay mumbitious.


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