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Can AI make your business better? - with Aoife O'Connell founder of Yarnly AI

ave you noticed that outsourcing has become a hot topic in parenting and business forums? As a business owner and as a parent, it can be a challenge to do all the things. If you’ve ever wondered what you could outsource to lighten the load automation may just be for you.  

It can be one of the easiest ways to free up your time so that you can lean into the parts of life that you love. But here's the thing. Just like other forms of outsourcing like picking the right cleaner, the best babysitter for your kids and finding the perfect VA to support your business, you don't want to leave the automation of your business with just anyone.

Aoife O’Connell is a Mums & Co member who runs a business that helps put the human back into the automation process. Aoife is the owner of an artificial intelligence agency that deals with automation for small to medium and enterprise businesses Yarnly AI. She helps support you to translate your brand messaging with automation and unique personalized touch.

Can you please share your pitch with us?

“I'm the founder of Yarnly AI I am the owner of an artificial intelligence agency that deals with automation for small to medium and enterprise businesses. We help support you translate your brand messaging with automation through personalized touch.”

How do you protect yourself from business risk?

“If you're getting help and support, which I would highly recommend from freelancers or agencies, have an overview as a practitioner. Even if it's a one or two hour tutorial of what could be done is very important because that can manage risk from an investment of skill set that might necessarily not know what they're doing. I think that's incredibly important.

Or if you don't have the time to invest and empower, reach out to someone that you potentially know that you could swap skill sets or trade advice before you actually do go into a partnership with a freelancer or an agency and part with your money. That's really important from a risk perspective for business relationships. I really do my due diligence now. I have had an experience very early on that the business just wasn't aligned with the right outcome. So I do really look under the hood. I see who's running the business, how they're running the business and make assessments too.

I don't particularly take the face value of filtered Instagram feeds. That is kind of curation to me. I'd really rather look into and under the hood where possible if there are articles written about people or you know what type of employees, they have, just little things like that.”

What is the most important tip in that path to growing a business?

“Using the tools and platforms available, like Asana, Trello or Slack. Really taking an hour and doing a tutorial and figuring out the power of what they can do for you and have a real system in place.

So you don't have a desktop of 100 files, and things get overwhelming. Because having a small business is like having small humans, you have limited time. You're ducking in, your ducking out and it just can get really overwhelming.

I think even for anyone starting out, what I should have started earlier is actually that process. And understanding the power of the tools available even in freemium and what they can give to you straight away is really important to do.”

What do you love about your business right now?

"Every business owner has various parts of their business that they love. It can be anything from the clients they work with to the work that they do.

I'm enjoying being able to control my own narrative. I'm lucky in that I’m digital. I'm lucky enough that I think the way the world has escalated into automation. Bringing things online just from the sheer need of our current world we're living in has really opened up the mind of people—especially those who are needing the skill set to be able to execute effectively and knowledgeably."

Want to know more about how Aoife O'Connell has made AI automation accessible for small business owners?

So, what you can automate and outsource in your business? What is it like starting a business as a migrant in Australia? And why does AI not have to be a scary concept? 

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