Why the many online events and resources tick all the boxes for this Mums & Co member

Amber is the founder of Bespoke Communications and widely regarded as one of Australia’s most agile communications professionals.

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Australian Female Founder Case Study

Mums & Co Member Amber Daines is the founder of Bespoke Communications and widely regarded as one of Australia’s most agile communications professionals.

When political party leaders and CEOs regularly knock on your door for media and presentation skills training, you know you’re doing something right.

But for this Walkley Award-winning journalist, author and self-confessed communications addict, life hasn’t always revolved around coaching high-flying public figures.

In her early twenties, Amber travelled the world and worked her way up the global journalism ladder in London, Paris and Hong Kong. When she returned to Sydney years later, she struggled to slot back into a newspaper journalism career waiting for someone’s retirement to eventually open up that long-awaited promotion.

Instead, she branched out and followed her other passion in the creative arts sector which saw her manage Public Relations for well-known cultural events such as The Sydney Writers' Festival and the Biennale of Sydney. Not necessarily jobs that paid well, but earned her countless free drinks at fancy launch parties and filled her cup in many other ways.

Today Amber lives on the NSW Central Coast with her two Little Co’s and her husband. The perfect spot to run her own coaching business and set up business owners, marketers and anyone facing the media or speaking in public with the confidence and skills to own their space.

“Media training, crisis communications strategy and all forms of presentation skills are my specialities. My clients range from heads of charities to political party leaders to small business owners. All up, I have trained over 5,000 people in the last decade!”

Carrie Kwan’s vibe hooked Amber on Mums & Co and the movement that comes with it

Amber first met the Mums & Co Co-Founder when Carrie  still ran The Daily Addict, an online lifestyle publication.

So when Carrie branched out and launched Mums & Co to support business-owning mums who want to harmonise their #mumbition, livelihood and wellbeing, it didn’t take long for Amber to join and contribute.

“Carrie’s vision and dedication to lifting up Australia's business-owning mums has been a joy to be part of.”

Amber, what has been the biggest pinch-me moment in your Mums & Co journey so far?

“I recently worked with Carrie to refine her camera presence and develop speaking notes for the Be MPowered event. And it’s been a joy! I feel honoured she asked me to help. ”

“The Mums & Co directory has been very valuable. Because we all need to keep expanding our connections.”

Which Mums & Co features have you snacked on since joining?

“I enjoy the expert sessions and Member Meetups. They’ve been extra handy since our move to the NSW Central Coast in late 2020. My busy family schedule and our location can make it tricky to attend physical networking events. So I’ve loved the online format of the many member perks.”

“The movement has evolved over the years but the vibe has remained the same.”

Are there parts of the Mums & Co movement you’re yet to tap into?

“I am yet to fully realise all that my Mums & Co membership offers. There’s so much more to explore and contribute. From what I can tell, I’ve just scratched the surface.”

“One thing I do want to get better at is locking in regular time in my diary for upskilling myself. And the many Mums & Co courses and workshops are among the resources on my radar for the coming months.”

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