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How Mums & Co connected this member with her community

You’re onto a winner when you’ve combined your true passion with your livelihood.That’s exactly what Accelerate Member Linda did in when she took the leap into entrepreneurship.

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Australian Female Founder Case Study

Mums & Co Member Linda Karkafi is the Founder of Commcentric, a communications consultancy on a mission to help leaders engage their people with passion and purpose.

You know you’re onto a winner when you’ve combined your true passion with your livelihood.

That’s exactly what Mums & Co Accelerate Member Linda Karkafi did in 2015 when she took the leap into entrepreneurship and founded Commcentric.

After many years delivering best-practice communications strategies to CEOs and Executives in some of Australia’s leading institutions, she today uses her expertise to make a real difference in workplaces across Australia―for both the leaders and their people.

This passionate business-owning mum of three supports leaders as varied as they come with the strategies to engage their people and, as a result, improve business performance.

And a huge part of that is bringing to life the unique vision of the organisation she’s working with.

“I am driven by a genuine passion to help people, specifically leaders and professionals, who have a vision for their organisation and need help to make it a reality in the hearts and minds of their people.”

Linda found the support she was looking for at Mums & Co―and much more

After starting her business, Linda came to a point where she was looking for a business community to join.

The one thing it had to offer?

Introductions to fellow business leaders who happen to be mums.

She wanted to connect with women who shared the same passion to nurture their children and raise them up to be the best they can be, all while running a successful business.

And Mums & Co ticked all the boxes with on-demand support from fellow business-owning mums who get the juggle. Because they live it every day.

“It's excellent to be part of this group of talented women and come to the table with a desire to support each other along the journey.”

Linda, can you share a stand-out Mums & Co moment that’s left a lasting impression on you?

“I booked an expert session with Stephanie King from IAG. She was amazing! We bounced ideas off each other and I walked away with some great business advice that I’ve implemented in my business since.”

“Being a Mums & Co member is wonderful because you're part of a broader community of female entrepreneurs who are all on the same journey.”

What other Mums & Co perks can you tell us about?

“Where do I start? I've enjoyed Mums & Co Meetups, expert sessions and attended a PractisePerfect your Pitch workshop with Mums & Co Co-Founder Carrie Kwan.”

“What I love most about each session are the connections. You always walk away learning something new from the amazing women you connect with.”

“The support we give and receive at the monthly Meetups is invaluable.”

What does being a Mums & Co Member mean to you?

“I truly believe we can thrive in our businesses a whole lot quicker and better when we band together and support each other along the way. And Mums & Co facilitates these lifelong connections with like-minded women so well.”

“It’s the give and take that benefits everyone within this supportive movement of successful women.”

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