Don’t let perfectionism hold you back

Don’t let perfectionism hold you back

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Don’t let perfectionism hold you back - with Korryn Haines of Encore Admin Consulting

Korryn Haines is the founder of Encore Admin Consulting. She has never been afraid to lay down the boundaries that help her achieve livelihood and well-being. Her unapologetic blending of business in motherhood is inspiring. Korryn joins us on Mumbition The Podcast  to share a insight into the way her business runs and what she's learned over the last five years. 

Who makes up your Co and how do they support you to run your business?

“Without a doubt, my husband. It's funny because he is our main income earner. My income from this business has always been the extra on top. So we've been very mindful of that because we didn't want to lose that balance of being available for the kids and looking after the kids. Without him holding steady on that front and definitely on the financial front, I definitely wouldn't be able to do it without him. 

I have a friend who I've been friends with since kindergarten, and even though she's in corporate land, she's my number one go-to when things feel too hard. So there's a lot of virtual chats that go on between us behind the scenes.”

Can you please share your pitch with us?

“I help fellow mums in business and sole business owners structure and streamline their admin using tools. I started as a general Virtual Assistant and just found that everyone was coming out of corporate land used to having that tech person to bounce off.”

If you could describe your relationship to business risk in one word, what would it be?

“I probably would say I'm a little bit risk averse. I'm so used to being that stable person for my clients. I like to keep a solid foundation in some ways. I run on the theory of, if it's not broken, don't upset the apple cart and try to fix it.

That's probably my biggest thing, is having that solid foundation first and then building on that. Over the last few years, a lot of people have taken on all the work because it wasn't there. I sort of took a more measured approach with so much going on, with kids being home, with hubby being home, sharing the office space and lots of things. I haven't taken too many risky moves, but at the same time, trying to keep everything level.”

What's something that you've had to decide that's no longer important to make life work for you?

“I have recently had to put aside that whole perfectionist thing. Doing everything all the time. One thing that has been my non-negotiable through everything is having my clean up. It's only once every three weeks and it's not crazy stuff. I've had to really put my health and wellbeing up there.

So I actually go for my daily walks after I drop the kids off at school. That's been a new thing. But again, that's establishing a boundary of, I've got this little pocket of time for me which I've had to really not to fill with work or with the kids. I’m more strict with what I'm doing with my time. Even social friendships have taken a hit, but I think everyone's had that occur recently so I also have been very lucky.

I'm actually very lucky that I've found some very good social friendships in my business circles. So that's kind of filled that up where previously I'd actually go out in social things but again, that's part of being a mum too.”

Want to know more about how Korryn Haines has realised that letting going of being perfect has created the life and business she wants for her family?

Do you find technology overwhelming? Do you struggle with finding that balance of family and business? Is being a perfectionist and ensuring everything is 100% perfect holding you back from following your passion?

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