Finding connection in times of self isolation and social distancing 

10 activities to help you find connection during social distancing or self isolation.

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While introverts are secretly rejoicing, extroverts face a very real challenge.

Extroverts, by their very definition, gain energy from being around other people, so how will they fare during a period of self-isolation?

The good news is that there are lots of helpful options for people who need people. Sure, there’s no physical contact, but that’s kind of the point. 

Hug the people under your own roof and connect via one of these 10 tried and tested methods. 

10 isolation busting activities

1.Write letters

Do you remember the excitement of receiving a hand-written letter or the joy of opening a beautiful card? Send your friends and family poems, stories, newspaper clippings or drawings (they can be yours or your kids) to brighten up their day. Write your return address on the back in the hope of return correspondence.

2. TikTok dances

Sure, you’re meant to be working but you can’t work all the time, right? Get with the zeitgeist and learn some of these TikTok dances. They are hard. They are fun. And they are ridiculous enough to take your mind off, well, everything. 

3. Video conferencing

FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, Go To Meeting and Google Hangouts are all useful applications to get a visual on your friends and colleagues. Seeing someone’s facial expressions while they speak is far superior - from a loneliness aversion point-of-view - to a phone conversation so whether you’re calling for recreational or business purposes, try to catch-up using video conferencing software. 

4. Webinars, online meet-ups and expert advice sessions

Online meet-ups create connection and moments of spontaneous serendipity. Learn new skills via our online webinars, or get gain some new perspective on your business with an expert advice session. Book in for one of our online events here or login to your Mum & Co account to book an Expert advice session with over 25 business experts.

5. WhatsApp groups

Set up a WhatsApp group with your similarly isolated friends and send each other photos, memes, jokes and comments throughout the day. Schedule times for group coffee, wine or even group Macarena sessions.

6. Podcasts

There is a podcast about just about anything you can imagine so now is the time to dig deep into the archives and find a podcast that connects you to your community. 

Alternatively, maybe it’s time to start your own podcast? With plenty of other people stuck at home, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to available interviewees. 

To start out, you will need a decent podcasting microphone, headphones and a program like Garage Band (free with Macs). You can record your interviews using Zoom or Skype. There are plenty of free online resources to assist you or you can work with a podcasting coach and educator like Pip Rae.

7. Live Streams

In the face of forced cancellations of live events, some musicians, comedians and keynote speakers have decided to live stream their performances. For example, the New York Metropolitan Opera is live streaming a different opera every day for free from March 17. Each show is available for 20 hours.

8. National Parks

OK, so you’re not allowed to hang out with humans but nobody said anything about animals. Sometimes being around other living things - birds, trees, insects and lizards - is enough to remind you that you’re part of a complex web of living things.

9. Online exercise classes

The prospect of not being able to go to the gym or the pool is enough to make some people’s anxiety levels go through the roof. So what can you do if you’re stuck at home and in desperate need of a physical outlet? Hit up online exercise classes like Sam Wood’s 28 day challenge that are designed to connect participants with an online community. Alternatively, invest in some home gym equipment delivered to your door, or simply come up with a daily exercise routine that is based on your usual gym workout. Working up a sweat, followed by a relaxing shower and cool down stretches, will boost your endorphins and help you settle into your work-from-home routine.

10. Live meditation classes

If you have a daily meditation practice, why not switch to a real-time meditation class for the duration of your isolation period? Journey Meditation has classes all day and is currently offering a free 7-day trial so the only thing you have to lose is your worries.

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