Follow your passion

Follow your passion

3 minutes

Be daring, follow your #1 passion - with Christine Innes of The Corporate Escapists

Christine Innes is the founder of The Corporate Escapists, a magazine, podcast and consultancy that helps support and celebrate women as they take the leap out of corporate life to build the business and life of their dreams.

 Christine can guide you through what's working or not working about your corporate career and how that might lead you to start your own business.  Christine joined us on episode 26 of Mumbition The Podcast. Here’s a sneak peek at what she shared…

What have you had to stop doing to keep your business growing and thriving?

“It is the internal thoughts, which is probably the biggest thing that I've had to stop because I am the queen of self-sabotage. So I will say all the things, ‘Who are you to do this?” or “Why should you be doing this?”.

That is something that I've had to stop every single day for me to keep going with my business.f I let that come in, it would halt everything that I'm doing. So, it's definitely the internal thoughts and the self-sabotage.”

Can you please share your pitch with us?

“The Corporate Escapist is about you finding and following your passion. So who you are and what sets you on fire so that you can actually live your best life? We do that by inspirational stories to inspire you and also teach you how you can follow your passion.”

How do you protect yourself from business risk?

Because I worked in learning development, everything was processes and writing out steps and procedures. I do feel like that has helped to protect me because I can  see what each process is going to look like.

Really, we used the term, what's the end you have in mind so that you know what you're going to achieve? I've now gotten a contract for people who come into the magazine.

We're legally protected now and it’s our own intellectual property. I think as business owners, we forget that we're all about what products that we sell. We forget what we have, all the information that we have in our own beautiful mind. We need to protect that as well, because that actually forms part of that business.”

What is the most important tip in that path to growing a business?

Just do it. The more that we sit there and procrastinate, the more we're going to think of things that will go wrong or why you can't do it. So the easiest thing is to actually just do and put it out there. Stand behind yourself. I said this to a client this morning, “There is no white knight on a white horse that's going to come and save you. You actually have to do it for yourself.” And that's the same in business and in life.”

Want to know more about how Chrsitine Innes decided to follow her passion and only do the things that light her up?

How do you figure out what your passion is and use that to fuel your career or even start a business? What does it take to be daring and follow your passion? How can starting your day in gratitude assist you in creating that dream life? 

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