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The 20 Free Must-Have Online Tools for Small Businesses

20 free online tools for small businesses that can have a massive impact on the trajectory of success and how you harmonise your #mumbition, wellbeing and livelihood.

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Because game-changing business tools don’t have to bust the budget

The thought of tackling the tech side of things within your small business can be very overwhelming.

Which systems do you really need?

How do you know they’re going to do the trick?

How will you be able to squeeze them all into your small business budget?

Thankfully there are many incredible free online tools for small businesses that transform how we operate within our businesses today.

We say it’s time to embrace these free options so you can watch them transform how you run your business on a daily basis without leaving you wondering how you’re ever going to pay for them.

Here is a selection of 20 free online tools that can have a massive impact on the trajectory of your small business and how you harmonise your #mumbition, wellbeing and livelihood.

1. Canva

Canva is a free online design platform that allows non-designers to create stunning graphics that can support your brand story within minutes. Its easy drag-and-drop feature and the many pre-made templates make it super easy to consistently produce professional designs for your small business.

Create your free account here.

2. Grammarly

Improve your writing skills with this free grammar and spelling checker. Learn how to easily tweak any text to make sure those spelling mistakes don’t slip through and the message is as tight as possible. This free writing assistant sets you up with clean, mistake-free brand content and serves you tips and tricks that go well beyond the grammar.

Download the free Chrome Extension here.

3. Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects 3000+ systems and apps that usually don’t talk to each other. It allows you to automate workflows so you can focus on running your business instead of manually connecting the dots. The suggested workflow templates hold your hand when it comes to setting everything up which means you don’t need an entire IT department to convince your systems to ’have a chat’.

Create your free account here.

4. Asana

If you’re looking for a project management system that keeps your teams on track so you can be certain you hit that deadline, then you can’t go past Asana. It allows you to see where you stand, which steps to take next and what it takes to stay on track. No matter where your team is located, Asana connects everyone in the one free online tool.

Get started here.

5. Mailchimp

Email Marketing is critical to small business success. There are many paid email marketing platforms out there and it often can be hard to work out what’s right for you when you’re first starting out. Mailchimp, one of the major players among the email marketing platforms, is a great way to up your confidence when your email list is still small. For free! Segment your subscribers, create automatic campaigns and start building genuine relationships with your audience so you can grow your business through genuine connections.

Get started for free here.

6. Google Analytics

Any business with a website needs to jump on Google Analytics. This clever platform gives you all the tools you need to better understand your customers and how they engage with your brand. For free! Track where your website traffic is coming from. Learn how users move through your website. Measure your conversion rate. And once you’ve got the insights, use them to improve your online brand presence.

Get on it free right here.

7. Google Search Console

Search Console is another fabulous free tool for small businesses from Google. This one helps you measure your website's search traffic and performance and allows you to fix issues on the go. These are all insights that help you create brand content strategically so it drives traffic to your website longterm.

Start for free here.

8. Trello

Trello is a free and refreshingly visual way to organize anything within your business. Create project boards that allow you to drill down further with lists and cards. Trello makes project management fun and works particularly well for business owners who prefer a visually pleasing work environment to find daily inspiration.

Sign up for free here.

9. Typeform

Prefer your customer surveys pretty? Try Typeform’s free plan. It lets you build surveys that not only do the trick, but are pleasing to the eye. Find out why your customers love you. Ask how you can improve your offer. And have a close look at these learnings so you can take your business to the next level.

Start for free here.

10. Monday

Monday is a free online tool for small business owners who want project management, CRM and sales leads all in one spot. It allows you to integrate with existing systems so you no longer have to jump between tools. Collaborate with other team members in an environment that keeps you on track and makes sure tasks are ticked off in time.

Try it free here.

11. Bonjoro

Video is a powerful tool to add an element of customer delight to the way you run your small business. Bonjoro allows you to do just that with personalised video messaging straight to your customers’ inboxes. And there’s a free plan to get you started. Here at Mums & Co, we use Bonjoro for our member communications, which means we know first-hand how effective a personal video message can be.

Send your first free Bonjoro here.

12. Answer the Public

Do you struggle with a catchy idea for your next blog post? One that will drive quality traffic to your website and get your brand in front of new customers? Check out Answer The Public for live insights into autocomplete data from search engines. It’s free and you’ll never be short of an idea again. Promise!

Find your new blog topic for free here.

13. WeTransfer

Do you need to send large files or images and don’t know how? WeTransfer is a free drag-and-drop platform that lets you send large files in an instant (minor the headaches). All you need is an email address, your file and you’re all set.

Start sending here.

14. Zoom

Working remotely has taken on a whole new meaning since 2020, and we’re calling it: Online meeting platform Zoom seems here to stay. It allows you to meet online and take face-to-face conversations to a safe space that allows you to share your screen and record meetings for future reference. Because online collaboration is as important as it’s ever been.

Create your free Zoom account here.

15. Hootsuite

Posting to social media can be challenging, especially when you’ve got a Little Co (aka your kids) to wrangle too. Hootsuite allows you to automate your social media posts so you can get on with life and task your new favourite online platform with posting instead. And they’ve even got a free plan to get you started.

Automate your posts for free here.

16. Unsplash

Ever been stuck for images to go with your latest blog post? Images that are on-brand but don’t cost a cent? Let us introduce you to Unsplash, the home of beautiful, free images that can give your content a winning edge (without having to book a photographer).

Check out free photography here.

17. Vimeo Screen Record

Another online tool specifically designed for remote working is Vimeo Screen Record. It’s a free screen and webcam recorder that lets you share video walk-throughs quickly and easily. Record your screen and yourself at the same time to get your message across clearly (and with a personal touch). Once you’ve recorded everything, simply share the link to your recording with the lucky recipient. And you’re done!

Start for free here.

18. LastPass Password Manager

Struggle to remember all your passwords? Rely on the same password for all the things even though you know it’s risky? LastPass allows you to generate strong passwords and stores them in a secure vault for you. Their free plan is a great starting point.

Start LastPass free here.

19. Interact

Quizzes are an effective tool to grow your email list and help you segment your audience. Interact is the quiz platform used by leading online business owners. With countless customisable quiz templates to choose from and a free plan to get you started, there’s really no excuse to delay your personal brand quiz journey any longer.

Check it out here.

20. Headline Analyzer

Somehow your blog posts don’t see a click and all the effort you put into writing them seems like wasted energy. But before you consider retiring from writing duties for good, let’s give it one more shot. Because the problem could quite possibly be the headline which fails to intrigue. And with a few easy tweaks Headline Analyzer, a free online tool for small businesses, can take your lacklustre heading and turn it into a click-worthy traffic driver. 

Analyze your headlines free here.

Bonus tools for small business owners

21. Veem

Are you relying on overseas payments for your small business? Online payment provider Veem might just be what you’re looking for. With low-cost (and oftentimes free) international transfers, this hidden online gem transforms international business relationships forever and sees you getting paid straight to your bank account. What a luxury!

Check it out here.

22. Otter

It’s hard to take notes and be present during online meetings. helps you generate accurate notes for meetings, interviews, lectures and other important voice conversations. It’s your AI-powered assistant that can transcribe conversations with incredible accuracy. And their free plan is a great way to get started.

Transcribe for free here.

All these free online tools for small businesses have genuine potential to transform the way you run your business.

They either…

  • Save you time
  • Transform your relationships
  • Change your mindset

And they’re all priceless (even when they’re free).

Last word

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