How a Sydney mum went from pitch finalist to sustainable leader

Naomi Tarszisz, founder of Replated, champions reusable takeaway food containers and designs systems for easy reuse. She believes that individual actions, even seemingly small ones, accumulate into powerful impacts over time. Refusing single-use items matters, and collective action is key!

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Carrie: For our wonderful listeners that are tuning in that might not know Replated, please give us your current pitch.  

Naomi: I'm Naomi Tarszisz,the founder of Replated. We make reusable takeaway food containers and we design systems to make reuse simple for food service and businesses. Unlike other systems, we also ensure that food businesses are rewarded for promoting reuse to their customers. 

Carrie: I think I've heard the tagline for your business before. It's about small actions make big impacts. Can you share why this is so important to you? 

Naomi: That concept from a business perspective of small actions make big impact, is this idea that we all think, well, I'm just one person, what difference can I make? But you know, even one person's actions do add up to a lot over the course of time and collectively together, the impacts, the small impacts and the small changes that we make have really large impacts. And it can be really, you know, it's this idea of refusing single use for takeaway or for anything might seem small, but over time it does add up. And that, you know, individual action to collective action is really powerful, a powerful thing. 

Lucy: In terms of how things are operating at home with your work and your family - Is there something that you've had to stop doing in order to make the business and the family responsibilities work a little bit better in harmony? 

Naomi: That's a really good question. I think look, I think my life shifted quite a lot when I you know, I did leave a corporate job around the time actually, my son started school, and it was a while ago now, actually. But this, you know, one of the things with having the co-working space this year, it's actually been revolutionary in terms of going back out of the home again to work like I was at home for a really longtime and actually finding that in it, being invigorating, being in that space, but also you having that commuting time. And for me actually, you know, when I've got when I'm really busy, sometimes that does fall away. I think that commuting time's great for listening to a podcast and having a walk. So I like to work there, but really just making sure that that all my time is efficient. Like if I am really busy that I'm minimizing, you know, any extra stuff. I'm saying no to coffees, I'm saying no to, you know, I get invited to do things quite regularly now, which is lovely, but I have to say no to some of them because I think there's also this point, which is there's only so many hours in the day.

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