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How much does business coach in Sydney cost?

Let's talk numbers and explore how much a business coach in Sydney would cost and why this investment could support your business growth. 

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As a mother trying to grow a small or micro-business in Sydney, where the cost of living is high and there's fierce competition, businesseshave to come up with creative marketing strategies and make sales and profits, all while balancing your personal and professional life. This is a lot for anyone to take on, and sometimes, you may find that you need a guiding hand. That's where a business coach can help, supporting you through the thick and thin of entrepreneurship. Today, let's talk numbers and explore how much a business coach in Sydney would cost and why this investment could support your business growth. 

The Average Cost

As a business owner, every dollar counts. In Sydney, you can expect to pay between $175 to $300 per hour for the savvy wisdom of a business coach. Now, before you spill your latte, let’s remember that these are people who have likely walked miles in your shoes. They can offer invaluable insights and strategies. Therefore, you will pay for expertise that could add structure and success to your business.

Diverse Modes, Diverse Prices: What to Consider Besides Costs!?

Life as a business-savvy mum is like a multi-layered one. Knowing this, business coaches offer different modes of coaching to suit your needs. So the price tag is not the only thing you should consider when choosing which coach to hire. There are other aspects, such as the method of delivery, which can affect the overall cost and overall experience.

Face-to-face vs online

Firstly you should consider online or face-to-face coaching. When you’re knee-deep in parenting duties and running your company, online coaching can be your saving grace. Generally more affordable, it allows you to get professional insights without stepping out of your cosy nest. Saving time and not having to travel to your coach can potentially lower the costs for you!

If you prefer working face-to-face, then in-person meetings may be more appealing to you. While they can be pricier, there’s something magical about breathing the same air as someone who understands your journey. An in-person coaching session could be helpful for you because it provides a personal touch and helps you feel connected to your coach.

Group sessions and one-to-one!

Your business is your baby, and sometimes it requires undivided attention. Opting for one-to-one sessions ensures that the focus is solely on your venture. Costs can be higher, but so is the attention to your business's unique needs. A one-to-one session could be beneficial for those who seek a more personalised approach with an experienced mentor.

On the other hand, group coaching can be a cornucopia of diverse perspectives. Generally, more wallet-friendly; it allows you to learn not just from a coach but also from fellow business owners. Group sessions also provide an opportunity to network and exchange ideas, which can be especially helpful when you’re starting out.

Fee structure: hourly vs monthly retainer

Don't forget to check how the rates are calculated; business coaches offer hourly or half-hour sessions. Half-hourly sessions can be perfect if you're looking for targeted advice without a hefty time commitment. Make sure to have a clear idea of what it is that you need answers to so that you can get the most out of your short session.

Let's talk about monthly retainer fees – think of them as your go-to coaching buffet. Instead of paying per session, you pay a fixed fee each month and get access to an array of coaching services. These might include regular sessions, email support, resources, and sometimes, that emergency pep talk before a big pitch.


In the business coaching industry, the experience can be more expensive. Experienced coaches usually have a treasure chest of industry knowledge and proven strategies. But here’s the thing – sometimes, a less experienced coach can be your perfect match. They can be hungrier, more in tune with new market trends, and significantly lighter on the pocket.

When choosing, ask yourself: What's more critical for my business at this stage? And is this person the right fit for my business needs? 

Additional Considerations When Hiring a Business Coach

While the price is a big slice of the decision-making pie, let’s not forget other considerations:

1. Alignment with Goals and Values: Your coach should be the wind beneath your business wings. Make sure they understand and resonate with your goals and values.

2. References and Testimonials: Glance through references or testimonials. This is like chatting with fellow diners at a restaurant you’ve never been to; you get the real flavour of what’s on offer.

3. Personality and Communication Style: You might work closely with your coach. Make sure your personalities click and communication styles mesh.

Mums & Co: A Destination for Affordable Expert Advice!

Mums & Co is your cosy corner in the vast world of business coaching. Our platform is bustling with expert advice that’s not just valuable but also affordable. What makes Mums & Co a treasure trove is our deep understanding of the unique challenges of being a businesswoman. With a heart full of dreams and a to-do list that never ends, investing in a business coach can be your golden ticket. In Sydney, costs range and are influenced by mode, experience, and retainer versus hourly rates.

If you are considering hiring a business coach, remember that the right coach isn't just an expenditure; it's an investment in your business.

Start exploring the affordable coaching options at Mums & Co. 

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