Webinar: How to Leverage Technology to Stay Ahead

What technologies should you be using? And how much of a competitive advantage can you gain? Learn from the expert Angela Kim from Women in AI. 

Mums & Co-VID19 Taskforce Webinar

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If we’d been avoiding technology at work to date, lately, all of us have gotten a crash course on how to use it. From using Zoom for conference calls, to Slacking our colleagues or finally looking into email systems to keep in touch with our customers, the fact that we’re working from home has made us all realise just how critical technology is in our lives. But the fact that we’re all using it now so much begs the critical question: what technologies aren’t we using that we should be? And just how much of a competitive advantage can we gain from adopting more technologies for our businesses? 

In our latest webinar with the enviable Angela Kim, we answer these questions plus many more. Angela, who is the Head of Data Science and AI at the Teacher’s Health Fund, talks through all the latest and greatest technologies in an easy-to-understand way, and - critically - talks about why right now is the exact time you need to be investing in upskilling and learning about how to support your business with tech. 

Here’s what you’ll learn in the webinar: 

Why is technology so critical to mums in business? 

We all know that technology has become increasingly important in our lives, from the humble iPhone to saving our precious photos on the cloud. But what many mums don’t realise, Angela says, is that technology is even more important in business:

‘Keeping up with trends is absolutely critical for small businesses. There’s so much you can automate, so much time you can save.’ 

Technology also enables business mums to do the one thing that is critical in all small businesses - engage with your customers: 

‘Using the latest tools, you can have great conversations, en masse, with your customers. You can reach them in ways you probably don’t think is possible.’ 

Angela emphasises, though, that technology is changing fast, and it can be difficult sometimes to keep up: 

‘It’s crazy how fast things are changing. Last year, I was doing things manually. Now, they’re all automated.’ 

Angela discusses the latest automations in the webinar. Access it here.

What technologies should I invest in? 

Many of us avoid technologies because they seem not only difficult to use, but expensive. But Angela says that on the contrary, a lot of the technologies you need for your business are available for free or on a freemium model. In addition to this, a lot of great technologies are currently offering even more free opportunities to help small businesses get through the next few months: 

‘There’s so many tools I’d recommend that are available (mostly) for free, for example Qualtrics. Check this out - you’ll be amazed at how easy this tool makes it to connect with your customers and employees and gauge their sentiment.’ 

‘Other tools you definitely should look into include Salesforce and Atlassian. They are all easy to use and they’ll save you so much time.’ 

Given we’re all working from home, Angela also strongly recommends we look into protecting our data, as she says there’s been a steep spike in cyber crime. 

See what tools Angela recommends for this, and other areas of your business in the webinar. Access it here.

Also covered in the webinar: 

  • Technology for your 5WHs - What, Where, Why, When and How. 
  • How to create your own technology toolbox.
Listen to the webinar now to ensure you’re able to leverage technology to stay ahead. 

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