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Making networking, strategic guidance and business support accessible for all Australian women in business, no matter where they're located, is a key Mums & Co. purpose. With approximately 30% of our community working from regional and rural areas, we are always looking for unique ways to meet her where she's at.

Ready to Boss Legal is a virtual law firm for online business owners that founder Emma Heuston runs from the family home in Ballina on the north coast of New South Wales. She specialises in helping women with online business, protecting their business and creating more work life balance, which makes her a kindred spirit of Mums & Co indeed.

Please tell us a little bit about your business, perhaps with a 30 second elevator pitch.

“I change business owners' lives. I'm the founder and owner of Ready to Boss Legal, where we help women with online business build strong foundations so they are ready to be the boss. By supporting women and making them ready to boss, we create confidence and intention in their lives as a whole.”

Where you live and work from can have a significant impact on the day to day running of a business. What are some of the challenges here for you?

“The challenge would be getting work, but that comes. I think getting work and putting yourself out there to do that and that's why I did stay working for someone else for 18 years and longer than I should have, I think. That fear of that challenge of "will I get clients, will my business be successful?”

How would you describe the shape of a good life for you?

“I think for me, and it's been a bit of a journey in terms of competing between creativity and my professional life. For me it's creativity, work and rest. I think living regionally helps that, I have an earring side hustle called Earrings By Law, which is my creativity piece, which I've really got into in the last year, and I'm finding that’s been really great for lateral thinking in the legal business.

So for me it's sort of craft or just that kind of repetitive creative work that takes my brain away from that. I also like jigsaws, so it could be jigsaws for someone else, it could be gardening or swimming or anything like that. I think family time is really good, we both work remotely from home, so it's easier to fit that family time in earlier, to have better hours in terms of sleep and not running running around and keeping things local and fitting play in there as well and being more productive at the hours you do sit at your desk, you don't want to be at your desk all day.”

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