Living a balanced life

Living a balanced life

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How embracing whole foods lead one founder to a complete life change - with Peta Shulman Founder of GoodnessMe Box

Peta Shulman is the founder of GoodnessMe Box, a new mum and is also an important part of our movement in supporting business-owning mums. Testament to the power of introductions, we invited Peta to talk about wellbeing at the Be MPowered conference after a reference from another member of the Mums & Co community.


Wellbeing is a vast and diverse territory that can encompass mental health, spiritual connection and physical strength. Peta is so passionate about whole foods and natural products and since beginning her real food journey has even created a business devoted to helping other people embrace it, too. In her GoodnessMe Box range, Peta has very literally packaged up everything she knows in literal boxes to help ease us all into better health.

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Can you please share your pitch with us?

“If you are looking to discover better for you pantry staples and snacks that taste delicious and that make you feel good, then GoodnessMe, is the place to go. We deliver these monthly to you as a subscription box, and they're also available in our online shop.”

How do you protect yourself from business risk?

“I remember once I read one of Richard Branson's books that said “take risks, but always protect the downside”. And that has stuck with me for so many years, namely because I once made a major mistake doing that. But for me, when I'm taking risks now, I always think about if this doesn't work out, will the business still be OK? And I think that's just a really important question to ask yourself, and I ask myself that all the time.”

What do you love most about your business right now?

“I’m really loving just trying to be more real with my team. I think particularly in the first few years of the business, I used to put on quite a front that everything is okay and I had to always look like absolutely everything was in control and that I'm superhuman. I actually think that it's important for your team to see that we all go through emotional ups and downs. And while you want to make sure they feel safe and secure back, it's OK.”

What's one thing that you do every day to give you your own sense of balance or wellbeing?

“If I can, I go for a walk every day and I do it even if it's raining. I find that it really helps me clear my mind. I also get some of my best ideas when I'm walking. I think with food, it's got to become a lifestyle choice. So for me, that's just an everyday thing where I try to make a better choice. Again, I won't say healthy because I think that can be quite subjective. I try and make a better choice. For me, better means not having artificial ingredients and eating whole foods.”

Want to know more about how Peta Shulman has found out how to live a balanced life through self-care and whole foods?

Do you find the idea of living a lifestyle with whole foods too daunting? Do you find you are not able to keep up your energy when it comes to running a household and a business? Why does finding balance have to seem like such a stretch? 

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